A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there: Just small doses then


I have never really taken the easy road. The easy life.   I have dared to dream and have gone after it. Whatever “it” has been.  It is a good thing to be tough and to fight a good fight. Sometimes you just have to do so. But sometimes I do wish for things that weren’t so difficult. I have often been in situations that are uncomfortable and I have powered through them. There have been laughingly some times when I have been coaching myself in certain situations that “this too shall pass.”  I have laughed because more often than not in those situations, the other player were just ridiculous. There was a time when a team leader got so frustrated that she started fuming, nostrils twitching and she ran out to get a smoke before she exploded. And that was her description of the moment that she provided us so that we could get back in line. All that we had been doing was providing feedback. It was what it was. But several of us definitely needed a drink afterwards.

Sometimes I do want a less uncomfortable space. Occasionally easy is ok. That is why mythical easy buttons exists in our collective desires. However, when I start to wish for that and do get into an easy space, I get bored. I get a sense of restlessness as if I was wasting my time. Bad, right? Then I remember that quote

A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.

Being in such a comfort zone can bring ease of mind but what comes of it?  perhaps only weeds grow in a comfort zone. Although, I bet an occasional honeysuckle or tulip can grow there if a comfort zone has winding off-the-beaten path roads as offshoots that allow one to dip in and out of the zone.   I am no gardener, but I am not an all or nothing type of person. I understand nuance and grays. I understand the need to give one’s mind and body a break. We are not machines. Not yet anyway. Thus, we can’t have constant pressure on us unless we want to become brittle and breakable at odd spots.


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