Regardless of insect repellent you will be zapped: If you let them in


I don’t particularly care for insects. Regardless, I try to not kill them when I come across them. I often move a spider along so that I do not need to squish it. I try. But, insects do not show me the same courtesy.  I am a constant source of delight to them, apparently. If there is a mosquito out there that is on the hunt, they find me.   Just last week I went out for lunch with a few colleagues and while no one else got bit, I came back to the office covered in bites. I swell up horrendously and that day was no different.  On each leg I had a minimum of six bites.  I was upset, itchy, and irritable as a result. Everyone else with me wondered why I had been bit so much. As if I had a say in that.


Research supposedly has found that an estimated 20 percent of people are especially delicious for mosquitoes, and get bit more often on a consistent basis. I am one of those 20%. That is just not fair. I can joke around and say that it is because I am so sweet and nice but that brings me no comfort. One study found that mosquitoes land on those with Type O blood nearly twice as often as those with Type A.  Eek. If only I could remember my blood type. Although, I am not sure how such a finding helps me. It is not as if I can change my blood type unless I am a vampire. Actually, can vampires change their blood type? I have not heard that discussed in any of my favorite vampire shows such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Even if I could the means to changing it seems a bit rife with ethical problems.


Apparently, the fact that I exercise a lot may make me more attractive to mosquitoes.  Because strenuous exercise increases the buildup of lactic acid and heat in our bodies, it makes us a tasty morsel to those critters out there. Bah humbug! Instead of my blood or lactic acid can’t they take away my fat deposits? I think I saw that on an episode of Grimm once.


Anyway, I have really gone off on a deep tangent.   All I had started to write about is that when you use insect repellent of any sort, you do yourself no favors by leaving the door wide open.   makes sense right? I tried explaining that to my son last night. He got what I meant. He just didn’t get that I was also using it as a metaphor for the unsavory people we come across in life. Those bloodsuckers that will drain our energies dry if we let them into our space.   I suppose it is great that my son didn’t get it. He is still in a zone of happiness and innocence. But my son’s innocence aside, I do hope he remembers this conversation a decade or two later on. Just got to remember to always keep those doors closed to those who will harm you. Easy said. Maybe not so hard to do.


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  1. That explains why husband is tastier to the mosquitoes than I am – he’s O, I’m A.

    Maybe it also explains why he has a hard time escaping the energy vampires – he’s too nice when they’re wasting his time. I’m much more careful with my limited energy. His officemate used to talk for hours every day.


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