Not a great job and not even good: But I am happy with ok


I do not have a green thumb. And that is an understatement. I am highly allergic to grass, pollen and swell up like a Goodyear blimp when an insect bites me. Despite that I am cool with hiking. More than cool with it, actually. I love hiking. I just go all covered up. Which is great because I then sweat up an even bigger storm and lose more weight. Well, I am not too sure about that. But it sounds good, right?  With all that said, I wouldn’t mind having a rock garden in my house. It would certainly keep me from sneezing and wouldn’t be much work.


I do not care to tend for a garden or a yard.   It is not for me. I know a few people who love gardening and I laugh a bit when they proudly show me their garden work. First off, I can’t tell when work has been done. Second, I smile and then just think about whether they have a bar at their house. Now, that would impress me.  But I understand people take pride in their work and I support that.


Regardless of my lack of a green thumb or even distaste for a yard and yardwork, I was out all of Sunday in my yard working. The horror!


I had to do it. My yard was looking like it was in the middle of the Amazon.  It was getting wild out there.  So, I braved the creepy crawlies and the hot sun, and got to work. I cut the grass-if what you call what I did cutting. I created a new path for the dog. For the first ever, I myself filled up a green garbage bin.   It was amazing. Not the end result, mind you. I will be honest with you. It was not great. It was not even good. But it was ok and I am happy with that. I am typically an A student, type A person. But in this instance, a “B-” is fabulous.   I do not care to ever be an “A” in this. But I feel good having done something that I do not care for. And, I tried to get as much done as I could. Despite not being great at it, I still felt empowered while doing it and afterwards as well. Now, I have to see what else I can get going.





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