A travel itch I can’t quite scratch



I have been staring at my lime green carpet all day. Well, not all day as I have had many an errand to run.   But as I have been going up and down the stairs, sweating up a storm, I would give a quick glance to the carpet.

lime carpet

And, I would scrunch up my nose. I didn’t pick the carpet color. It was already part of the house when I purchased it.  And, I haven’t bothered to get new carpeting. That is a lot of work and I just have not had the chance to in the year that I have had the house.


But despite my lack of love for the carpet, it does give me an odd sense of nostalgia.  In looking at the carpet, I started again craving a trip abroad. My life has been so complicated this year thus far that I have not had a chance to go on a fun, foreign trip. A trip where I can drink mojitos, buy trinkets, and collect a new shotglass. Ah, to dream. To dream.  It is hard to dream at the beginning of the week as it may make it harder to get through to the end of the week. Yet, it could also help mitigate the stressors one feels.


As I cleaned out my house all weekend, I took a few moments here and there to check out my 100s of shotglasses from throughout the world and my bookcase travel trinkets.  To honor my travel craving I used one of shotglasses to take a shot and chill and dream. Next year will be different. I know it. Next year will be again a travel year. A fun year.  And, my itch will be scratched.  I just need to get through a few things here and there. But It won’t stop me from dreaming.




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  1. Years like that happen. I’ve had far more than my share. But things will change – have a shot of something for me when you travel again. And: I only know one other person in the whole world with lime green carpet – and she chose it. The world is full of interesting people.


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