For a giant you are quite small


You stand tall

Wide girth

Big stance

Yet, you are small


Petty and a footling

You may not even know what that means

But it is you in a nutshell

You turn on a dime

You laugh a wicked belly

You flop and flail

If only you had been caught and released

You so desire to be a part of that group

But you are trivial to them

You turned your back on your ideals

So that you could stand even taller

But you are in a sinkhole

You have no shine

Just that from bile

As all know what you did

Burrow like an ostrich

You will fall into your own morass

Jumble, clutter, and sputter

You built your own quicksand

Wear all the platform shoes you want

You will sink, sink, sink

For you are quite small in spite of it all



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