Putting out the fire with gasoline


Sometimes I am shocked at human behavior. And, then I am shocked at myself for being so shocked. I know better.   People are fairly predictable. And the fact that some people at times act against their own best interests isn’t shocking either. I have seen time and time again how people will cut off their own nose to spite others.   While not shokcing it is an amazing thing to watch as it is occuring. Us New Yorkers love to stand around and watch a fight, a crash, or any other street activity. The city sidewalks are our natural television. Thta’s why the rent is so high. Well, that and greed. But I won’t go there.


But, let me get back to me being shocked. Truth be told I really am not shocked. I say I am shocked just for kicks and shock value. It is funny when I do it and people go along with it. I know I am speaking in the abstract but I have a feeling you know what I am talking about. And, if you don’t you can just pretend to and that is ok.


One thing that has been making me laugh is how some people have a knack for making situations worse.  I have seen people do the equivalent of trying to put out a fire with gasoline. I recently took a silly mandatory fire safety training and in it they kept repeating that the three components of a fire are heat, fuel, and an oxidizing agent (usually oxygen).  You take one way you address the fire.  Adding gasoline isn’t going to help. It will only make things worse. And some people specialize in making things worse. It is quite a skill, really.   There are those who start fires. There are those who make fires worse. And, there are those who put out fires. Sometimes, you are called upon to put out a fire that you started. As a matter of fact, most workplaces operate in such a mode.   It is like being a pooper scooper. I was that for many years in a decade ago. Which in all fairness New York is perfect for as all us dog owners had to walk our dogs three times a day carry poop bags.  I still find them in my jean pockets.


Anyway, because more and more people seem to specialize in making things worse, I now carry popcorn with me so that I can readily enjoy the “show”. And tomatoes as well so that I can pelt people with them should the show be really bad. Its like we are part of a Rocky Horror Picture show day in and day out.

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again……

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  1. You are teasing us: what set this off? What made it the day you had to write about this perennial topic? You hooked my interest – on the DAY before moving day – now I need to know. If you can’t share the real shocker, do you have one you can?


  2. “And some people specialize in making things worse” – You’re right there, and it’s definitely an acquired, honed skill. I just don’t care for drama and fanning the flames, I think those that do are too often bored and sad in their own lives. But I’m all for the popcorn! x


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