Pet peeve: Hiding the candy and chips from myself


This week I would not help myself. I had two pet peeves I focused on as I suppose I let some things bother me.   I am a fairly easy going person until I am not. I am Type A until you drive me to the point of not caring. And even then, I still care. What am I to do with myself?


Anyway, earlier in the week I was upset with the blue cheese in my salads. I hate blue cheese. And yesterday I was annoyed with myself. It happens. I prefer to be annoyed at others’ and there are certainly many people at whom to be annoyed. But I am certainly not immune from being annoyed at myself.


There are times when I try to engage in my version of harm reduction. Instead of 20 coke zeros, I can make it be eight. You get that. Right?  Well, I engaged in such an effort this week and it just annoyed me. I cursed myself outright.


I am trying to be healthier. Thus, I threw out my huge (Costco-sized) bag of potato chips. I love, really love, chips. But I need to cut back on my carbs. I also threw out all my gummy worms. I love, really love, gummy worms. I love most sugar.  And, of course, sugar is not that great for our bodies. Out to the trash they went. I was excited when I threw them out as I was very proud of myself. I threw them out with much gusto and flair.


Then, one morning I worked out and was running slightly behind schedule. But I was hungry. I had just run for 30 minutes. I needed something. I was craving chips. I needed something fast. A handful of something. I was craving chips. I went to the cupboard and thought I would just eat a few chips. But no. There were no chips. I could have slapped myself. But I didn’t. I had just been proud of myself and now I was annoyed. It is amazing how quickly things can turn. I sighed. Walked away.


Then I thought that I would maybe have a small bag of fruit snack gummies. But no. There were no gummies of any kind. I could have slapped myself. But I didn’t. I sighed and gnawed at my fingers. I drank a yucky green smoothie and went on my way. It was not a merry way. I suppose I did manage to stay away from bad things for about two hours. Hooray for small victories.


But sometimes I am my own pet peeve. Sort of speak

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  1. I agree, though I refer to it as being ‘my own worst enemy.’ I have learned, with advancing age, that my affect and decisions change predictably during each day. At night, I yell at myself when I stay up too late, past the time of getting a good night’s sleep. When I ignore signs, and let myself get too hungry, and then feel like I’m going to pass out, it’s often my own fault. Etc., on almost every subject. Due to brain fog from illness, I have a generally hard time making decisions, but come on!

    I do, sometimes, make the right decision: when I drag myself to bed for a nap 45 min before my assistant arrives for a couple of hours’ work, so I can get the necessary 35 min. nap, I have done the right thing, and I know it. Etc.

    But it’s every darn day. One gets tired.


  2. I used to have a jumbo bag of chips and a pint of sour cream as a “snack” until I reached 210 on the Richter scale 😜👎 At that point, I was so disgusted by myself that I had to pass some new laws for The Workshop. I am no longer allowed to purchase chips or sour cream. Instead, I can buy nonfat yogurt and onion soup mix and fresh herbs. I am allowed to buy fresh vegetables to dip into whatever herbed yogurt mixture I create. However, I also had to outlaw eating anything after eight p.m. and starches after four… it was tough to live by the new laws, but I have been holding around 175 for the past five years! Stick to your guns and feel free to get frustrated with yourself. It’s difficult, but you CAN do it 💋👍


  3. That’s why I buy individually packaged snack foods of that sort. It’s always harder for me to stop before finishing a larger sized package of anything but I have trained myself to indulge in only one smaller sized package of anything per day. This is also part of the reason I have pretty much stopped cooking altogether. I could not stop eating the leftovers till they were all gone. As most of them were heaped with cheese, this was not a healthy dietary practice!


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