Pet peeve: Why must there be blue cheese in my salad?



It took a long time in my life to get to like salads. Having grown up so poor in life, I kind of felt cheated by salads. I needed heavier meals to make up for those days that I only had a piece of white bread to eat. I am not here, by the way, to be sad. I had tough times but got through them. Developed resiliency. I’m good. But salads, I had a love hate relationship for a rather long time.


Then slowly but surely, I developed a taste for salads. I love tomatoes. I can eat handfuls of cherry tomatoes as if they were candy. They are yummy with salt and yummy firm. I love cucumbers. I now like avocados (thanks to California living). I like peppers, corn, olives, shaved carrots, sunflower seeds, peperoncini peppers, nuts, cranberries and so forth. As such, there is nothing to dislike about salads. A good dressing just makes it even better.


What else do I like? Cheese! All sorts of cheeses and to me they all are great in a salad. Except that of blue cheese. I cannot stand blue cheese. I cannot stand the smell, the taste, the look. Do not talk to me about Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Stilton. Not for me. Yet, so often I go do a new restaurant and a salad seems absolutely delicious. That is until I see what cheese it is. Then, I find that it is blue cheese and my salad desire is sadly squelched.


It was recently National Cheese day and an Innit survey found that 23% of Americans always add cheese onto their food. Hear hear. They also found that blue cheese is one of the least favorite cheeses. Hear hear. Can’t say I disagree on either count. Thus, bearing that in mind let’s keep salads free of blue cheese so that we can be healthy while savoring our food.

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  1. I like blue cheese, though I’m not sure salad is the place for it, so I’m 50/50 in my support for your position. If the subject was goat’s cheese this would rise too 100%.

    Life would be dull if we all thought the same. 🙂

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  2. There were a couple of typos in my earlier comment….sorry. I also wanted to say that I completely understand what you’re saying except for me, what I hate is when people put grapes into chicken salad. That is probably my biggest food pet peeve in the world. So I understand where you’re coming from although I do love blue cheese.

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  3. I don’t mind a bit of shredded jack or colby or cheddar on my salad and a good squeeze of lemon. Aside from that, I want it naked. (Shouldn’t be surprised by that! 🙂 )

    Bleu cheese isn’t on my menu.


  4. Cheese improves nearly any food, except sweets I guess, so I always add bunches. Bleu (not blue) reminds me of my dad, though now that I think of it, he usually called it Roquefort when referring to the dressing.


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