I’m craving some charcuterie as I reminisce about Spain again

I was a vegetarian for a rather long time. Such of state of my being confused my family to no end. Eventually, I did stop being a vegetarian as I’m allergic to legumes (and I don’t like them) and fish. Even my doctor told me, a few weeks ago, that I needed to eat some meat. And, occasionally I do.

Two weeks ago, I ordered a charcuterie board at brunch for the table. As I wondered why I ordered it, I looked at the board and giggled. That was a lot of meat. It was like piles of meat. I was glad others who really loved meat were with me.

I had a few bites and then focused on my gnocchi with mushroom ragu. But then I grabbed a few more bites as it hit me. I realized why I was craving it. I was feeling nostalgic for Spain and it’s ham. Mind you, when I lived in Spain I was a vegetarian. Thus, I didn’t fully enjoy or appreciate the Spanish cuisine at that point in time.

That is why I wanted that board. I want to go back to Spain and experience even more parts of it than I previously did. I want to make sure going forward I try to experience as many parts of a culture as I can.  It is not a bad goal, I must say.


And, that is all I have to say.  I have a craving. I have a wish. I have a goal. A good way to go about my day.


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  1. Yum! this post brought back memories of my year in Spain. I loved the tapas and charcuterie boards found in so many little cafes and bars. One of the best ones I recall was in La Mancha – of course – and our platter featured Manchego cheese, quince jelly, caperberries, and an amazing selection of Serrano ham. Oh my, it was divine. Lovely post!


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