Despite the weighty extra post-credit scene, Ant-Man and the Wasp was delightfully light

It reached 106 degrees on Friday in Los Angeles. At least according to my Sprint phone weather updates. When it was down to 104 degrees, I got excited. Well, least as excited as one can get about it being 104 degrees. Luckily for me, I have a high tolerance for heat. Wish I had a similar tolerance for stupidity. But that’s a whole other story. Twitter was all a buzz with the LA heat wave. I, of course, had to join in. That is what Twitter is for, afterall.

But the heat being what it is and no better on Saturday, I went to watch Ant-Man and the Wasp. Mind you, I have yet to see Ant Man (the first movie). Thus, I was a bit confused that the Wasp was not a new character in the Ant-Man universe. If she was in the first movie, which apparently she was, why does this one have her name in the title? I know. Now she has a suit. So, now she is a legitimate superhero or is she? I suppose she is, considering [SPOILER ALERT] she “dies” in the extra end credit scene. So, Ant-Man now is in the same timeline as Infinity War.

This year has truly been for me a crash course on the Marvel Comics/cinematic Universe. We are now seven months in and Black Panther remains my favorite 2018 movie. And, I have actually seen a lot of movies in the theatre this year (for me). But back to Ant-Man and the Wasp.

It was fun, silly, goofy and lighthearted. It was the opposite of all the movies this year in that universe. There was a reference to the unusual love LA Mexicans have for Morrissey that is real. It’s a shared angst that Anthony Bourdain had explored in how own show a few years back. But despite that shared history of angst, the Morrissey bit was funny in the movie. Especially, in LA. The truth serum that is debatably a truth serum was a funny, running gag till the end. The FBI agent seems to want a bromance with our title character even watching the same magic tutorial online. Don’t ask. But it leads to a funny bit at the end about a potential get together. The way that the car chases go from mega expansion to shrinkage keeps the action going in hilarious ways. There’s a security consulting company run by cons (well ex-cons) that is amusing and happily a sidekick. And, can I go back to the truth serum? The first time it was administered it reminded me and my 101 digressions.

On a super hot Los Angeles day, it was nice to just have some light-hearted fun. Ant-Man and the Wasp worked for me today. It also worked for others in the audience. You could tell that audience members, movie goers, were having fun with it. Admiitedly, we were on a 4DX theatre with wine, but I believe the movie was funny without those aids.

The movie worked today. I can’t tell you about it’s longevity in the superhero canon. Yes, I do realize that the fact Wasp is in the title it’s a huge step for female cinematic superheroes. But it still feels “light”. And, may the temperature follow “quantum” suit (you have to watch the film to get that joke).

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