There’s only one place at a time where eyes can be



“There’s only one place at a time where eyes can be”


Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, with a very superstitious mother, meant that I carefully monitored my dreams. And, by that I mean the nighttime movies I constructed while sleeping. My dreams were extremely vivid and convoluted.  I was also a lucid dreamer. I think that is why I also deigned to dream big in everyday, waking life. I wasn’t content with the status quo because I knew there was a better world out there. It was for me to pursue and take and not stay home and be miserable with the day-to-day. I was a dreamer. And, I dreamt well. But back to the my sleeping dreams.


When I was younger, there were times in which I would awaken and immediately write down what I could remember my dream. I was always cognizant that I needed to write it down within seven seconds. After that, the dream would flutter away like a butterfly. I came across one of my old dream notebooks from 20 years ago. I read through it fascinated that my dreams from back then still made some sense to me today.  And, it was in that frame of mind in which I had a dream that I cannot remember at all. However, I remember a statement that I was told in my dream to memorize and jot down. Thus, at 2am, I woke up and wrote down:


“There’s only one place at a time where eyes can be”


I scrunched my nose, pondered the statement for a second and then went back to sleep. When I woke up, I found that I had indeed written this weird sentence down. I immediately googled it and the topic of eye floaters came up. Hmm. My new contact lens have been bothering but I don’t believe that is what that sentence (or perhaps a warning) from my dream was about.


It could be that I am telling myself to not worry about what I can’t see. And, that maybe I can only worry about what is right in front of me. I can not see it all and perhaps I need not see it all. A leap of faith may be in order. Or, I it could also be that I just have to let certain things go. Oh, how I wish my mother was here to help me figure this one out.


I don’t really know what that statement means. Are we ever really meant to fully understand that which goes through our minds while we are asleep? I suppose they can be foreboding or fulfilling. Depends on your life view. I do know, as I mentioned earlier, that I dreamt well when younger. And, by that I mean trying to make things happen in life. And, maybe that was what this dream and this statement were meant do. This could have been me telling me to go back to dreaming well and make sure that I have not become afraid. To make sure that I am not complacent. To make sure that I still dare to make those leaps of faith that got me this far.





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