The quirkiness of bringing your own creamer to brunch

I am someone who loves and really enjoys eating out. I derive great pleasure from food. I am a Taurus after all. Look it up, its true that those who are born under the horoscope sign of Taurus, besides being bullheaded, have a keen sense of gastronomy. Well, I may have exaggerated a bit there. Anyway, I enjoy eating out.


Now while I am out I tend to see tons of weird behaviors at restaurants. And, I don’t mean obnoxious behaviors. I have seen plenty of those as well. But I am referring to odd behaviors such as wanting to sit with one’s back against the wall. Well, I suppose the Godfather movies made that a common practice.  But you get my meaning.


One odd behavior that amuses me is that of when people bring their own food to the restaurant. Maybe food is the wrong term. I mean, condiment.  I have eaten many meals with someone who brings their own maple syrup.  I have also seen people bring their own hot sauce. I have always shrugged it off a bit. It is odd, but i live and let live. Although, let me just state for the record that if you are going out to eat it is probably because you want to enjoy a good meal out, or you want someone else to cook, or you want to hang with others and don’t wish to do so at home.  My question is why would you want to adulterate the taste that you are being for?  I would think that for that just stay home and add all your preferred condiments for free.


But recently, I saw a woman bring her own coffee creamer to the restaurant.  And, for a split second, I thought that maybe I should do that as well. I like coffee. I have a minimum of two large ones before 7am. However, I put a lot of things into my coffee. I add Splenda, hazelnut syrup and French Vanilla creamer.  I’m basically having desert for breakfast in a hot liquid format.  It works for me. When I go to a restaurant I often hate their coffee selections. Thus, I can cap off a good meal by having a cup of coffee with my preferred sweet taste. It could be good.


Now, I thought all this for a second. Then I thought I was being silly.  First off, I don’t want to have to carry a creamer. Second, I don’t want to appear as if I were a character out of Twin Peaks.  Third, despite my love of sweet things I can do with a little less sugar in my life.


That’s right. I will continue to leave the creamer at home.

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  1. I am a Taurus too and yes I enjoy my food too. I also enjoy eating out and observing the behavior of fellow diners.
    Although I have not yet taken my own creamer or condiments to a restaurant, I was so dissatisfied by the creamer I was given at a hi-tea buffet that I am seriously thinking of doing so in future. I have been known, however, to pack my own teabags and powdered milk when travelling.
    You are welcome, therefore, to add me to your list of quirky people.

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  2. I am not a Taurus but I adore eating out. I would like to do that as a full time job (hello, food blogging!), and I just love food. But taking one’s own condiments to a restaurant??? The only reason I can think of for doing this is that some people like their food ‘just so’?


  3. I am a Taurus, too, but one who doesn’t, or at least hasn’t in the past, paid a lot of attention to what I’m eating. I have recently started noticing more details about a lot of things, though, like movie music and, yes, maybe some tastes as well. I think that comes from just generally living life at a slower speed, now. The slower speed to which refer really means that I am now old, so the “condiment” that I carry to add to my morning coffee when I am away from home these days is Benefiber!


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