Love laughs at locksmiths and rainbows can brighten any day if you let it

There has been a slew of depressing, sad, and frustrating events the past week or so. Add June gloom to the mix and it is hard to sometimes see the rainbow after the deluge. But a rainbow does come. A rainbow does make an appearance that you need can be on the lookout for or just stumble upon. I have been so fortunate to catch stunning rainbows in my life. In Hawaii, I have sat in awe on a beach as a rainbow just spanned across the sky. I also have quickly caught a rainbow on my bathroom wall at random points in time. Every single time I come across one I take a mental note of it. I take it as a sign of good things to come. Even if not immediately.

Hope. That can hold you for a bit. Hope can be a bridge. A rainbow. If you let it sink in can catapult you into a better state of mind. Cheesy? You bet! And, even as a die-hard New Yorker I’m cool with that.

I was thinking about rainbows today as I went to and from random offices trying to get random things done. I wanted to go sliding down a rainbow and had images of me giggling down all the way in my fun summer heels. I often crack myself up. And, even while brainstorming with myself I go on tangents.

As I was thinking about rainbows, I started thinking about a silly movie I caught on Netflix. Or was it Amazon Prime? I suppose that bit does not matter. The movie is called How we Met. And one character noted to another “love laughs at locksmiths.” I was watching the film late at night and didn’t think of it until a day later. It’s a known proverb. Well, somewhat known. It basically love will find a way. Supposedly this term originated in a long poem by Shakespeare. The poem being Venus and Adonis.

As I giggled about rainbows I pondered this phrase. It surely would be nice to have the phrase have true meaning in our lives. And, surely it can if we let it.

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  1. I live in Oregon whete the weather changes often. Rain to sunbreaks. Rainbows appear like magic. And yes, beauty and hope.


  2. I hear you on the rough week….but rainbows…I always liked them too. And butterflies. I once read somewhere many years ago now so I don’t even remember where, that no evil can exist where there are butterflies. So I always look for them too.

    May the month and year get better for us all.


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