Considering how expensive things are, I thank you for letting me live rent-free in your head

Back when I was living in my beloved New York, there was a political candidate that made us chuckle, momentarily nod in agreement, and think of ways to further free up some cash in our lives. Jimmy McMillan is the leader of said political party called Rent is too Damn High. In 2005, he ran for the mayor of NYC and got 4,000 votes. Then in 2010, he ran again and got 40,000 votes. That’s a pretty big increase. Not a large number in comparison to other political candidates in New York, but was a sizeable increase. Why? Because the rents are going up everywhere and anywhere. A two bedroom in North Hollywood at $2,000 is cheap. It’s enough to drive one to cry. It’s enough to motivate election votes in some races.

Everything is more expensive these days. Coffee, cable television, cereal and so on.

Thus, it is absolutely wonderful when something is free. And, something good. It’s a win to be cherished. I am excited then when I get a free popsicle as well as the ability to live rent-free in someone’s head. If Hallmark doesn’t have such a greeting card I truly believe they should get on it as quickly as possible. There are people out there that let others live rent-free day after day in their head. They obsess. They plot. They clutter their mind with thoughts of you. If you are one of those people that lets other live there for free, stop the practice immediately. Why would you give away valuable real estate property? If you are not going to charge rent, evict or charge a property tax.

This all may sound silly for surely it is in many ways. But it is also a bad situation that can cause much heartache. I hated the Frozen movie, but you do have to it go sometimes.

Now, if you are one of those that lives rent free in someone’s head, think of getting your own place with your own hard-earned currency. Sure, I laugh, joke, and thank others for letting me live rent-free. The world is getting more expensive. But some free things sure are not worth it.

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