You can’t put it back in the box


She loved her morning runs.   They were peaceful yet invigorating. She could zone out and be extremely focused as well.  That was partly why she ended up moving all the way out here; so far away from it all.


She also came out here because she wanted to escape and leave behind the turmoil she had caused.   She hadn’t meant to.   It just sort of happened and she didn’t stop it. But she wanted out from it all.


@k rawson

Yet, she knew very well that once out, you can’t put it back in the box. She looked down on the water and saw their reflection.   Most wouldn’t be able to spot them behind the trees. But she knew they were there.  There was a different box they wanted to seal.


Even though it was her fault. And even though you can’t put it back, she was going to fight. Cause maybe, just maybe, there was a way….

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  1. An intriguing take on the prompt. We have to guess at what she has left behind, and what she wants to win. But does it matter? What matters is her clear-eyed determination.


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