When you can’t hulk out: Lessons from Avengers Infinity War

This has been a rather long week. And while I caught Avengers Infinity War last weekend (which seems like an eternity now) I haven’t been really able to “process” it fully. Did I like it? More so than I thought I would. But I had very low expectations. I loved Black Panther and just felt that all other superhero movies would fall short of it. And I do believe I will be right about that. Although, I hold up high hopes for Deadpool.


Avengers did at times feel a bit disjointed. To me, Vision’s storyline was completely unemotional when it could have been the most emotional storyline of the movie. But the movie didn’t grind to a halt the way some critics described it. I found it to be at a good pace and was fairly taken in by it all.


One aspect of the movie that made me laugh and had me thinking afterwards, was the Hulk’s non-hulking ability. Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! He couldn’t hulk out after the first ten minutes of the movie.   He was injured early on and then tried as hard as he could to save the world. He was, in a way, the thread of the movie. However, he just couldn’t anger himself enough to become the green superhero that he needed to be.   Perhaps he was spent. Burnt out. Maybe just not feeling it anymore. Maybe his alter ego went on vacation. It can’t be all work, all the time. Whatever the reason, he just couldn’t become the hulk. He remained Bruce Banner throughout the majority of the film. Interestingly enough, at the end of the day, Bruce Banner fought as hard as he could. He had help. I won’t say what that help entailed, but even with the help it was cool to see him not walk away from the fight just because he was no longer green. Or rather, couldn’t hulk out.


Sometimes, the show must go on no matter how things feel. No matter how disoriented you feel . Or no matter how not-yourself you feel. It is ok to switch things up.  And it is ok to be someone else for a bit. You can’t always meet the expectations of others. But you can certainly try to recalibrate your own set of expectations for yourself.  And that is my lesson and takeaway.

I welcome your thoughts

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