One less headache would be nice

I ain’t fighting. Just am not. What you ask? Headaches. Well, rather having one less headache.  Why? Because, really who needs them?

Let me explain and rewind a bit.


When we go to the doctor with a headache he or she will want to know location, severity and for how long you have had your headache.  That makes sense. If it is a one time thing, then maybe you should not have gone to the doctor and just have had a tylenol. Now if it has been super severe (a score of ten on the pain scale) and constant, then some tests may have to be run. Depending on results, you may be prescribed medications, asked to change your diet, or get more tests done.  And the latter happens quite frequently but that is a discussion fr another day and another blog.  Anyway, you got my point.


Now, Let’s look at the metaphorical headache. You know which those. The person who drives you crazy to no end. The person who cause more problems than helps (yet they believe that they are helping). The person who can’t help but blow their top. These are a few of the headache people we may have in our loves. If we are rather unlucky, we have all three at once.


It amuses me to no end that sometimes there are situations in which these headaches believe that you want to hold onto them. Or sometimes they feel they are the benign one-time headache when they truly are a constant chronic source of pain.  When there are individuals who do not see that they are these sources of pain or that you would be happy to “change your diet” so that they no longer affect you, at times they might be incredelous and just push you to the point where you have to do a surgical strike.  Sometimes you just have to lay it all out and be done. Then you become their headache and their drumbeat gets louder. But just walk away.

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