For the love of Hide and Seek in our lives

Right now my house is filled with the grand laughter of three kids. Laughter, giggles, and bed-jumping galore. And it warms my heart to no end. At times the high-pitched laughter can indeed seem a bit distracting when trying to write a grant, but in ten years they won’t be laughing that way around me and there will be a void in my life. The grant can wait a second while I pause to look, laugh, and hug them. Watching them play hide and seek for hours is an exercise in suspending disbelief. You would think they would tire of seeking each other. However, that is not the case. Not even remotely. Not even the fact that they continue to hide in the same places repeatedly dampens their enthusiasm. If only I could get so much joy from doing the same thing time after time. How cool would it be if we could take 15 minute breaks at work to just play hide and seek? I have some choice hiding recommendations. I would laugh to no end if one just stopped seeking without telling the hiding individual. I suppose that would not be cool and thus, I wouldn’t do such an act. But just thinking about it gives rise to a slight giggle.

But think about the game of hide and seek in our popular culture and childhood development progress. It has a huge role. It teaches counting and socialization skills, as well as encouraging creative thinking. The game sometimes takes on slightly more nefarious roles in popular culture such as those deadly games in horror films. Or what about the upgraded version of the game as depicted in the Harry Potter series. The game of quidditch is essentially hide and seek on steroids up in the sky. And, we collectively loved it. Well, I liked it as opposed to loving it. But that’s besides the point.

What’s the point anyway? Well, enjoy that game of hide and seek for it is much more than that.

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