A drive up to Malibu for a bit of vitamin D and awakening

We all need Vitamin D. Or so we are all told. I kid you not. I do not know anyone who isn’t Vitamin D deficient. Our desk jobs are partly to blame. How often do you get outside during the week to just soak in a few minutes of sun-our natural source of Vitamin D? Not nearly enough. I now have an office with a huge window that I use for sun worshipping. But it is not nearly enough.

This weekend my bones ached from life and numerous hours of sitting. I needed sun and fun. Every doctor should just prescribe such a medicine and enforce it. Well, they really can’t enforce it most of us are completely non-adherent. That is a medical provider’s bane os existence. Anyway, my own doctor (who I adore and was a comfort during tough times) has told me I need to decompress, chill and step back. I need to unburden myself. I don’t always follow through with my doctor’s orders but this weekend I sought the sun and some fun. Sadly, I tried going to one of the remaining bookstores that was around and came to find it closed. So sad. But otherwise, I found myself relaxing a bit.

We made our way up the coast highway and just tried to wake up by being one with the sun. My son begged to go play on one of the beaches and how can you say no to such a child’s request? You can’t. Thus, we went to the beach and he ran and ran up and down and to and fro. Watching his energy was energizing and smile-inducing.

Get out there and soak in some sun, fun or both. It is important to look out for yourself in such a healthy way.

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