The petty can rot elsewhere: I’m here to dance life a firefly

Now open to the public

Open to the world

Ecstasy, pain, and mystery

Receptive to the illogical

Willing to defy the odds

Whisk up some mayhem

Stir up some noise

The anger in others

A bland white noise

My ears will hear the love

Drown out the hate

It is a time for happiness

My roots can spout upwards

With a little self-tlc

I choose to focus on the light

The petty can rot elsewhere

Take your tainted gum elsewhere

I’m here to dance

Dance, dance

Like a firefly




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  1. Take your tainted gum? Such coming is noise, Miss. (Everyone hates ma’am) (A story about gum 😉 as I really couldn’t find a gawky tree by the rollercoaster line plastered in actual tainted gum.). (The author for older readers has ‘the no. 1 ladies detective agency series’ but since you’re on tainted gum! Well just see if there’s some popcorn pirates coming. Though im a far bigger fan of the ‘poppycock!’ (Also a brand of glazed popcorn with nuts) but I bet ya haven’t had a improper caramel apple in a spell either. Tainted gum. Mumble mumble mumble 😅


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