Never cry for the person who hurts you just …


I am sometimes frightened by Facebook.  Actually, we all should be considering how much craziness has ensued in this world as a result of Facebook. Also, how often have you been thinking about something and the next thing you know there is a Facebook ad on that very thought.  Well, maybe not exactly but you get my drift. Anyway, Facebook frightens me these days because of all the motivational quotes that they place for me to read.   Or are all those quotes my Facebook friends posting them? If so, why are my friends so into motivational quotes?  I, myself, prefer the snarky quotes that have a cray four year old girl with a wicked smile. Those are fun and frightening. Yet, not many of my friends are posting those. Sigh. Where did I go wrong?  But back to the motivational quotes.


There are so many of these quotes on my Facebook feed nowadays that I have started reading them and feeling like they pertain to my life. I’m often thinking these days about how they fit in my life or provide some form of clarity. It’s quite silly, really.


Anyway, the latest quote to come across my Facebook feed that gave me pause was as follows:



When I read this quote, I felt an immediate twinge.  I thought about how fitting it was. I mean, every time I have been hurt by someone I have eventually found someone better. And, I don’t just mean romantically.   I managed to get upgrades. Who doesn’t like upgrades?   It’s like getting booted off an overbooked flight but getting a first class seat for the next flight plus a $1,000 travel voucher. Not bad, I suppose for that bit of pain, frustration and anger one went through. That’s a fairly innocuous situation and, of course, there are far worse situations that one endures.  Anyway, the upgrade concept still holds regardless.


One quibble I have with this quote, however, is that it states “Never cry for the person who hurts you“. I don’t think I have ever cried for the person that has hurt me.  I have cried out of anger and self-disappointment. I suppose the quote can allude to that aspect as well. But, overall, I completely agree that you shouldn’t cry for the one that hurts you. They deserve to just sink into a vat of of the bile they tried to put onto others. But then they could just become a supervillian, i.e. the Joker.

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  1. I like this quote. I hate Facebook. It makes me feel sad. This quote is one we should live by, because it perpetuates the idea that we really shouldn’t rely on other humans for our happiness.


  2. Oh the motivational quote epidemic. I’m not on Facebook, but they have also taken over Instagram. At least this one isn’t too sanctimonious and doesn’t passive aggressively advise you to forgive and love the person who hurt you, or else you’re somehow the bad person. Sometimes I wonder who is the author of these things or if they are computer generated and sent out into cyberspace.


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