The long-standing and reappearing Christmas tree

I will readily admit that we are one of those families that do not take down the Christmas tree January 1st. Nor do we tend to do so February 1st. And quite frequently, not even by March 1st. What can I say? We love the Christmas spirit. Well, we do. But it is more that we are really, really lazy.

Two years ago, I didn’t pack up my Christmas tree till mid-March. I had just moved to Los Angeles ahead of my family and was alone in a great yet empty high-rise apartment. I had two air matresses, a tv stand, a television, a card table and some food. The Christmas tree added volume and mirth to the space. I was loathe to take it down as a result.

This year, there has been a lot going on in my life that required more of my attention. Hence, I often told myself the tree needed to be put away yet I just left ot standing there day after day. Now we are approaching mid-March and my tree still stands. Obviously, I have a fake Christmas tree and now you can see why.

Well, not only does my tree still stand but it actually was reassembled. For a brief 24 hours it was somewhat disassembled and left so on the living room floor. Then, I went out on some errands to only return to the tree reassembled. Don’t ask.

Here I am with a still standing Christmas tree. I am not terribly bothered by this. Some others seem troubled or perturbed wondering why I can’t be bothered. Others note that I can just use the tree to celebrate other events changing the ornaments accordingly. But, honestly, that would be too much work.

For now, I am ok with this all. Let’s see for how long I let it stand.

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