The SuperBowl had the hurricane puppies: I have Winston


Dogs rule! Yes, I am a dog person. I am of the belief that most dogs are super awesome, if not all. As a result, one of the things I was most looking forward to was the puppy bowl during the Super Bowl and to the ads featuring the puppies.  I was also looking forward to the Philadelphia Eagles winning. That play by the Eagles right before the Halftime show was amazing. You know, that fourth-down touchdown throw from the  running back to the quarterback!  That play had me screaming! My poor dog went running for the hills after which he came back to lick my face. He wanted to make sure that I was ok. What a sweetie.   And, that is my doggie dog!


And that is always one of the stars across all Super bowls: the puppies and dogs!  This year there was a US Bank ad featuring a sweet dog wanting a house in the suburbs because he is not welcomed everywhere in the city. I guess he didn’t go to all the doggie cafes in New York and Los Angeles.   It is a very sweet ad, nonetheless.


While the Super Bowl occurs only once a year, here in my home the puppy bowl is everyday. Well, its not a real bowl in that there is no competition. However, my lovely dog Winston is a star each and every day.  He loves sunbathing, running, and squeaking.  I think he would win such a triathlon!   He motivates me each day to have fun and be whimsical. That is a champion for sure.   He even camouflages quite well. See if you can spot him on the carpet.






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