I just don’t have it in me



I just don’t have it in me

I just don’t

Thought I did

Thought I could

But I sat down to think.

Tried my hardest to motivate

But my bones are tired

And my mind is racing

With my heart rate on full blast



No, I cannot

My self will not let me




No, I cannot

I cannot forgive you


For it’s not for me to forgive

Find your forgiveness

Where your false tears lie

And can turn into real pain

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  1. Forgivness is bliss. Those who hurt you will be paid for their doings. Its is not your place to decide ways to bring them pain. So forgive them in order to forget them as well. Those who bring pain are not worth remebering my friend.


  2. Perfect timing. I’m currently having to deal with someone whose ’emotions’ shown are fake. Your poem describes my feelings very well. I’ll be keeping it around to re-read while I’m going through this trying time with that person. Thank you for a wonderful poem!


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