I want to feel the rain tickle my funny bone

Here in Los Angeles, we are starting the year off with rain. It is a rare sight, this thing called rain. And when the rain falls in Los Angeles, the cars slip and slide and people arrive even later than usual to their meetings and events. Los Angeles is often dry to the point that there are high risks for fires. And those we experienced recently. Now with the rain comes the threat of mudslides. If it is not one thing, it is another.   I experienced mudslide conditions once when I was in the Big Island of Hawaii. That was phenomenally scary. Mother nature can truly give rise to some grand fears.

The rain doesn’t scare me much in Los Angeles the way that it does many others here.   I am an east coaster who loves rain in the summer. A grand summer storm can be so uplifting, fun, and cleansing. Summer storms are magical, especially when you go dance and jump in the puddles. The storms out here are not all that magical as the storms are really not all that grand.  However, when I went out onto my porch this morning, it smelled clean out in the city streets of Los Angeles.   That in itself is magical.

As I watch the morning news and all the hoopla over this so-called storm, I sit transfixed staring at the raindrops. I wonder what will this rain lead to?   Can we not have mudslides, but instead can we have a grand flourishing and blossoming?  Can new energies, love, and creativity flourish from this rain sprinkle?  I have a plant that is on life support and perhaps this rain will bring it back to life.   I know that at times some people get depressed from the rain as usually it is gray when it rains.   However, we can use this rain, this time around to look for the growth opportunities in our lives and in society.   It is a time to quench the soil and feed the soul.


I want to turn off the television, shut down the computer  and go out.  I want to go out  and dance in the rain and just giggle like a schoolgirl of yore.  I want to feel the rain tickle my funny bone.  How about you? I think we all deserve a fun way to start off the year and hopefully avoid the flu outbreak by laughing it away. If only that were possible.  Sure would present itself as an inexpensive solution to the healthcare problem that we have in this country.   So, go out and do dance in the rain. But make sure to wear a raincoat.


May this LA rain bring grand growth in 2018.

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  1. I live in Vancouver. We don’t dance in the rain, simply because we get too much of it. We did see the sun for a bit today though, which was very nice! Hopefully no mudslides there and everyone stays safe.


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