Three bottles of chardonnay: Give it to me cause I’m worth it

It is a new year and a new me. And I am so excited. Ok. I should note it is not really a new me. It is old Mimi. Same old me. I am just having fun being me.  I have been dancing in the middle of the day singing to tune after tune. I am finally catching up with the new music out there. I just discovered the song Location by Khalid.  Had heard about that song in passing but hadn’t made time to listen to (or rather seek out) new music.  I am hoping that my singing voice gets further tuned up and that my dance moves get sharper. I have to get ready for an ’80s party I am to attend this week as part of my networking with new colleagues   How cool is that? Who should I go dressed up as?  I am thinking Madonna. But then again, that is too easy. I need to think about this carefully. Any suggestions will be highly welcomed.  Maybe Prince? Oh, let me think about it a bit more as I have digresed a little. Again. See, it’s not really a new me. I still digress. Big time.  And it still feels fabulous to me.


Anyway, back to the story at hand. As part of my random meetings, I am being made to feel like I am back in New York. Meeting with people who speak a million words a minute, drink a glass of wine here and there, and can go from silly topic to serious to craziness in a hot second.  My brain and wit needs to stay sharp.  We are now doing random music trivia at our various meetings spots. Which is partly why I am just taking in all the music I can.  Several years back, we took my son on a cruise for his birthday. I won two trophies for my music and celebrity knowledge. I take these contests seriously as I am quite competitive.


With all this going on, I have taken to now making sure that my house has enough bottles of Chardonnay for all my new guests and friends.

Sadly, I cannot drink very much wine due to me being allergic to wine. Who knew there was such a thing? Well, in particular I am allergic to red wine. Which, to be honest with you, was never my thing. I don’t like warm alcohol. I prefer German white wines. And I can still handle those. Or rather my sinuses still tolerate those. Anyway, it appears that Chardonnay is an all around feel-good wine that works for almost any occasion.


Thus, I am singing while I stock up on my home’s wine and liquor collection. The goal for this year is to have more fun cause I’m worth it.


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  1. The title is super interesting and Location is really an amazing song! Never knew people could be allergic to wine… So that’s an interesting discovery to me. Have fun this year!!


  2. More fun – now that’s a resolution I could get on board with! Though I often feel like I’ve forgotten what it feels like…
    I never knew there was an allergy to wine though! I don’t deal well with wine, I’m more of a whiskey kind of gal. Perhaps my resolution should be “more Jack Daniel’s, because I’m worth it”! 🙂
    Great post lovely xx


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