It’s the end of yet another year: Here are a few of my wackier moments


Every year, we arrive at December thinking about the ups and downs we went through the past 12 months. Its a ritual. We all do it. Every year it seems there was something extraordinarily different. It was crazier. It was unprecedented. It was the best. It could be all of the above and more each year. For each year presents its own unique set of challenges and cool experiences.


I was no fan of 2016 as it seemed that there were a high number of major celebrity deaths including Carrie Fisher and George Michael (both in December).   2017 seemed promising and then it didn’t.  But rather than dwell on the up and downs, I thought I’d share some personal wacky stories from the past year. Previously, I have shared wacky news items and there certainly are many to continue to share. For example, a man just burt into flames recently in north London and a burnt bagel caused an airport evacuation in the freezing cold.   However, I will just focus on my own personal wacky experiences. And these are just ten of them. Oh my.


  1. I caught a baby mid-air down a flight of stairs.  As I was riding Amtrak down San Diego, a baby slipped from his mother’s hands and she frantically called out for help. I turned and caught the baby. It was incredible. It was both a scary and joyous moment. I was running on adrenaline for a while thereafter.
  2. I bumped into Congresswoman Maxine Waters repeatedly at LAX and even sat next to her on a long flight out to DC.  Regardless of the congressional representative it is kind of cool when you start develop an acquaintance relationship because you constantly bump into each other at the airport. Of course, this means that I traveled a lot and spent too much time waiting around at LAX airport. But it was a hoot.
  3. I almost bought a house that was in the midst of a property dispute.  It was a big lesson in realizing that it is okay to walk away from commitments if they do not feel right. We had entered into escrow but something didn’t feel right and lo and behold something was not right. My life is too complicated to have further hiccups surrounding property disputes. I wlaked away and am happy that I did.
  4. Witnessed a naked one-armed man swat a city worker with a garbage bag. Downtown Los Angeles can be a very weird place. That is an understatement, by the way. One of my many weird witnessed incidents included me seeing a naked man with just one arm grab a garbage bag from a city employee and swat that man with it. Surprisingly, the city employee showed remarkable restraint and just walked away. This was an odd event to witness as well as a sad event emblematic of the problems in Los Angeles. Here’s hoping resources are put into shoring up mental health services.
  5. I walked over 20,000 steps in one day in just my house. Yup, that’s right. It was moving day into my new house. I moved things up and down and down and up.   I didn’t need an exercise machine that day. By the end of the night I was beyond exhausted.
  6. My odd luck with travel continued. The past few years, whereever I have traveled to or through, was somehow immersed in some international incident at the moment of my travel. I was in Melbourne when the Malaysian Airline flight heading to Melbourne was shot down. I was in Instanbul when the attempted coup occurred and so on. This year, nothing as drastic occurred when we traveled to Hong Kong. Just President Trump supposedly ordered our naval ships to the Korean pensinsula(or were en route).
  7.  I got food poisoning two weeks in a row.  I can’t make this stuff up. I am still recovering from throwing up two weeks in a row from two different incidents. When it rains it pours gastric juices. Ah, bad. I know. I also had to recover from both a torn knee muscle and a torn shoulder ligament.
  8. I went all out with the blond look. I think I’m done with it, though. Time to move on.
  9. Every single online quiz I take, says I am French or have French personality. Hmm. Don’t think so. I’m a New Yorker.  So much so that when someone recently asked me what is one thing someone that doesn’t like me would say about me, I answered “that I am a die-hard unwavering New Yorker”. They frowned. They didn’t that would be a  good enough reason for someone to not like me.   I agree. But why do all the online algorithms want to peg me as French?
  10. I was awake for several midnight-hour earthquakes.  I started staying up later and later this year and as a result I got to experience several late night earthquakes while everyone else was asleep. More fun for me. And that is LA living,

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