The sun will make an appearance

A hard night

A hard day

The throbbing headaches

The circular fears

The salted jeers

The false cheers



Tempted by fate

Standby for the alarm

Sound the alarms

Water the dry mouth

Find a cure

Blow the candles

A new frosting

for the cake that has been battered

Find a will

Carve the path

Beauty still exists

Hold on tight to the sun

Steer that direction

Glow and grow

It will be ok



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  1. Felt that one. Yes. It will. I don’t feel as much of that hope these days. Though I have reason to have hope, I have struggled with difficult emotions. The intensity of this time of year, of changes that come with life even now, good normal ones that pale as to what I have endured before today, I still stumble in the shadows. Thank you for honoring that stumbling and reminding me to look up instead of at my feet, when I am trying to stand. Thank you. The longest night has passed. Rejoice.


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