My personal to-do list is finally longer than my work list

A long to-do list is never really something that one wants to celebrate. Life would be magnificently splendid if we didn’t have to worry about getting things done.  Sadly, easy buttons and chore fairies aside, there is no one to take care of my chores and to-do lists. Every week I write up a to-do list. Actually, every day. Some items get carried forward onto a new list day after day and month after month. Even though I know better. Sure, those longstanding items are never going to get done. Well, unless I pay someone else to do it for me.


I tend to make two lists that stand side by side on my yellow pad. I have my work to-do list and my personal (home) to-do list. What has annoyed me throughout the years, is that almost always my work to-do list has enormously dwarfed my personal to-do list. And no, I do not have a maid. Why have I been so annoyed? Because, I have often put work first. Had to get work tasks done. I have repeatedly gone above and beyond for every employer. And you know what? Most have not deserved it. It’s true. I’m annoyed at myself for I have been a fool. A well-meaning, dedicated fool. But I can no longer afford to be so foolish. I am just getting older each day and no boss is worth missing out on life.


I had to write a very difficult letter this weekend. I had to put together a string of words that let a group of people know that a dear friend -a young woman-is going to die shortly. She chose me to write this. I am very honored to do so. My heart ached while I typed out the words.   And as I wrote them, I realized I can’t take the crap I have been going through anymore. I mean, I should have known this already. But now, it really has seeped into my brain.


This weekend, I made two to-do lists: my personal and work one. For the first time ever, my personal list was longer than my work one. Sure, I could have filled up my work list with a lot of items. But I said no more. I’m not going  to take precious time on the weekend to work on stuff that, in the larger scheme of things, will not be appreciated at best. At worst, someone will find something to complain about what I worked hard to accomplish.


Happily, I managed to complete 52% of my personal list tasks.  This is a personal best for me. I feel good and can actually do a hop and a dance. I feel good about doing what I need to do for myself, family and friends.

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