It’s time to be like those kickboxing kangaroos I saw in the wild of Melbourne



#metoo #rightnow.


Now that I hashtagged my first sentence with contemporary references, I will move on to the subject of kangaroos. Yes. Seriously.


My mother loved kangaroos. Well, she loved a lot of animals. Which is why it is strange that she was so taken back by me when I was a vegetarian for over a decade.   It totally threw her.   But, it threw many people in my neighborhood. It didn’t matter to me as I was set on not eating meat back then. But back to the future. My mom loved kangaroos. She was quite taken by then. She found their marsupial qualities as cute as a button. That was my mom. She also adored penguins. Which is why when I visited Melbourne, I had a bit of nostalgia and sadness intermixed with my feelings of awe. My mother would have loved to have “traveled” to Australia vicariously through me.   But it was not in the cards.


At one point during our trip to Australia we went in a small group to an area outside of Melbourne, off the iconic Ocean Road, to see Kangaroos in the wild.  Besides the march of the penguins experience we had, catching sight of Kangaroos out in the fields was a one of a kind experience for this New York City girl. It was something unbelievably magical.  It amazed me that we could so easily come across them when we were not that far out of Melbourne.  However, the Australian government estimates that 34.3 million kangaroos lived within the commercial areas of Australia.  That’s unbelievable to me.


The image of them lining up, in a boxing stance, is one that I carry in my heart these days. They stood self assured and ready for any danger that may come their way. They stood united and gorgeous. I totally want to be like the kangaroos I came across in Melbourne. No one was going to mess with them.


I need to be a kangaroo. Someone mentioned that I was like a mama bear. I take exception to such a description. Especially as it pertains to the workplace.   Why must I be tought of in terms of being a “mama”? Sure, bears can be ferocious. Somehow, however, I don’t think their thinking was focused on that. Thus, I want to flip the script.


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  1. “The boxing kangaroo” is a symbol of Australia’s fighting ability. Think ” Americas Cup yacht race”, which Australia famously won so many years ago.
    The kangaroo is powerful, agile and ever- alert.
    You would be wise to adopt the kangaroo as a co-pilot for any trip into a sticky situation.
    Perfect climate conditions for breeding, has seen the rise of roo numbers. Being a keen road-tripper, I’m constantly on the look out for roos as the scurry away from the fresh green roadside grasses.
    Beautiful animal and currently getting a bit of a bad wrap owing to its very strength of survival.B

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  2. At night, we have wallabies (like a small kangaroo) right outside our house. If you go out there with a torch, they look up briefly from eating the grass and bound off if you get too close. They’re not all that worried, though. The downside is that our vegetable patch will have to be fortified more than Fort Knox, or they’ll scoff the lot, so we’re building a fruit n veg enclosure next weekend. They can have the rest of the 5 acres. Sure saves on mowing.


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