When is it time to move on?


Are there many things in life that we remain committed to on a long-term basis? I think, perhaps, decades ago (maybe even century ago), there were more long-term commitments. There were commitments to people, jobs, clothes, living quaters and so forth. I am not naive , however. It very well may have been that it was not so much a commitment to things,  but instead there had been a lack of choices.   When there are no other options what do you do?  One can do nothing and stay as is. Or one can create options. One can also look for options that are out there, somewhere.


I am someone who has made options happen.. Well, for many parts of my life. Then there have been those times that I remained stuck in place.   Sometimes, I didn’t realize I was stuck in place and during other times it was a horrible situation in which to be and I was mightily aware of it so.


A few years back I unrooted myself. I had been “stuck” in place for ten years. I was stuck yet moving up. I am not too sure that makes any sense to anyone but me.   Suffice it to say, while I stuck I felt I was moving. Yet I was less happy day by day. Then I started realizing my situation was not a good one.   I started to get “woke”.  Yet, despite my awakening I couldn’t quite uproot myself. There was a downwards pull that was strong.


Then one morning at 8:05am I found out a colleague had died. He had predicted it so just three days earlier. I then spoke with someone who told me I ahd to remember that I had a young son and had to be around for him.  I became unrooted. I was untethered. I became so for my son. He, or rather my love for him and my desire to be there for him, moved me past where I couldn’t move.


Then I did it again. I got happy being “uprootable.”  Yes, I like making words up at times. Why not? Everyone else is creating a ton of new words each day.


Now, I am at another inflection point.   As I sat here, wondering why I got caught up yet again in another undesirable sitaution where I was unhappy because of the bad intentions of others, my son just came over to me unprompted and told me that he loved me.   I smiled and told him I love him infinity. He keeps me grounded so that I can move on. I should not remain subjected to situations and people that wish me harm and create a realm of anxiety and stress. That is not a way to live. Why do so many of us stay in such situations?   Because we are to rise above the pettiness of others?  How many times does one have to rise?   It is just not cool that the nice ones have to keep trying to rise above the ugliness. We should just leave the ugliness to those that want to wade through it.

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  1. Stuck yet moving up…yes being allowed to advance to the degree that you think you’re are getting somewhere, however, is that where you really want to go? The intuition is strong in this one. No! Sorry, gotta go, see ya!


  2. “It very well may have been that it was not so much a commitment to things, but instead there had been a lack of choices.”
    I know lack of choices is a component to it. Sometimes we find we already have what we need. The real commitments are to ourselves and our family.


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