I may finally be ready: Time for that cleanse


I can be quite a contrarian at times.  I readily admit it. I like to play devil’s advocate and turn arguments on their head. I do it, just to do it.   I am not too sure how I became that way. I am a New Yorker. We tend to be a bit contrarian. We know how to argue. I have a pretty quick comeback for most things.  It’s how I grew up. Even if I am not fully invested in a particular argument, I will run with it all the way.  This tendency of mine could perhaps be ascribed to me being a Taurus. We supposedy are quite stubborn and bullheaded.  Well, whatever the origin may be, I am what I am. And at times, that is a contrarian.  Which brings me to my future cleanse. Yes, that is quite a leap in this story.


I have known several people who love cleanses. Who can love a cleanse? Well, I know such people.  In theory and in outloud conversations, I hate cleanses. Let’s be real. Who likes, or looks forward to more time being spent in the bathroom? That is what a cleanse does.   Yes, despite this inherent ickiness, cleanses are quite popular. Google it. There are about 65,800,000 results when you search the word “cleanse.” Dr Oz has a cleanse. There are 3-day cleanses as well as seven and ten day ones. Oh my. There are even juice cleanse delivery services. Seems that the world, or a select few, are really into cleaning themselves out.   This is great fodder for a psychologist, you know. But I will move on from that as it is too easy.  The world is in complete chaos. We all feel collectively dirty. Ok. I’ll stop.


Despite several of my friends being into cleanses, I have never been. Never, ever wanted to do one. I joke that one can eat two donuts and get the same effect. I have found them silly. Then, I met someone who hates cleanses as much as I do or even more. That is so odd. At the same time, I know someone who is in the midst of a 10-day cleanse and is loving it.  Again, who can love a cleanse? I suppose when you are losing seven pounds in seven days, you get a natural high feeling (that’s really called light-headedness).   So, here I am and the contrarian in me now wants to do a cleanse. I am even debating doing the 10-day cleanse.  What an extreme case I am. The person that I know that is so anti-cleanse makes me laugh because they hate it so much. I joked that I was going to do one and it just set off a long rant. Wow. I didn’t realize cleanses could trigger so much animus. As such, I felt of rush inside of me to do one. A 3-day, 7-day or even 10-day cleanse isn’t going to have much of an impact on me but I can at least say I tried it. Thus, when I argue against it in the future I can do so from an informed position. Of course, the joke will inevitably be on me, when I end up liking it.

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  1. Oh good grief! Surrendering to a ridiculous junk medicine fad just to be contrary to a contrarian? That’s not you.

    Drive down to Mexico and drink some of the local water without filtering it. Welcome to a “cleanse”!


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