A Faerie Game of Thrones: Is it for you?


Many a moon ago, on this day, Walt Disney World opened up in Orlando. The land of make believe and magic. It must have all seemed like part of a fanciful dream.   Nowadays, I don’t imagine being excited about the opening of a magical land.  I’m a bit too jaded for all that. Life is a bit hard these days. Maybe even very hard.  The housing  market is tight and luckily we managed to find a house to our liking. Although, that took over six months and occured after we put in several house offers.   At workplaces there are several generations trying to work productively with one another but at times that becomes near impossible. And this upcoming week alone, I have to fly out to two different cities for work.  As such, I will be gone eight days from home.   I truly hope that my awesome new doggie remembers me in a week. I wonder how my phone conversation will be like with him.   Meanwhile, I’m holding onto hope that Puerto Rico will quickly overcome its horrible situation.  There’s a lot going on right now.


A few years back, I used to joke that I needed an easy button. There were so many commercial ads on television for an easy button. Of course, that was just part of a large-scale collective fantasy.  I got over over the idea of an easy button. However, lately I have been making jokes about fairies, similar to that of the tooth fairy, helping us out at work. Well, rather, I have been slightly amused by the fact that some staff members appear to think that things will magically happen or that they magically appeared without any work or effort. Its a different concept from an easy button. Such a button is supposed to ease a situation. A fairy makes things happen. They can gift you something. But, as I like to caution people, when I am joking, fairies also want an exchange. There is always a price tag no matter how popular the idea of a fairy may be.


I was once so amused by the fact that many past meeting colleagues seemed to think all sorts of fairies would be helping out. I then felt obliged to ask who is in charge of fairyland? Can I make a treaty of sorts?  I was intrigued by this proposition and started asking around. Maybe I could be put in touch with the person in charge so that my life can be a lot easier.


As it turns out, figuring out who of many humble folks should be running things is not a modern, or apparently even human problem.  You would figure after a few millennia of interaction with Celtic faeries, we might have a good lock on who is in charge over there.  You would be incorrect.  That there is a Fairie Queen seems to be agreed upon, but who exactly is honored with such an esteemed title is a matter of some debate.  I looked in the mirror and wondered if I could be the Fairie Queen.  Fairy land and its queen are often portrayed in past ballads and stories, as mystical and benevolent, but also at times as sinister and wicked.  Its seems to me that the Fairy Queen can truly go either way on many issues and as such I would love such a role.  But throughout much traditional folklore,  the fairy queen has no name.

That seems to be a rather lonely existence, if you ask me. It may even be a Game of Thrones situation where you can trust no one and everyone wants to be queen. Do we need such Fairie Queens in the workplace or in our lives?  Maybe an easy button would be more palatable.  Then again, I’m ok with mystery and intrigue and machinations. Fairie Queen it is!



In 1829, Edgar Allan Poe, wrote a poem about fairyland:

Dim vales — and shadowy floods —

And cloudy-looking woods,

Whose forms we can’t discover

For the tears that drip all over.

Huge moons there wax and wane —

Again — again — again —

Ev’ry moment of the night —

For ever changing places —

And they put out the star-light

With the breath from their pale faces;

About twelve by the moon-dial

One, more filmy than the rest

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  1. I see so much happening in this writing. I want to read it several more times. I think it’s normal to want the easy button in life. Weeks like your week leave us feeling such a plea.


  2. I used to work for “Princess Fairy Dust.” I called her this because, at least when interfacing with corporate management types, when she promised them that those of us who worked for hew would do something, making it appear that whatever she’d promised could and would be accomplished effortlessly and easily, with very little assistance from them required, it felt to me like she was trying to sprinkle “fairy dust” on the situation. This finally drove me to quit because I knew full well that she knew (but tended to overlook) that what she had promised was much easier said than done, along with any other regular responsibilities we as her employees had. IDK, maybe she expected that we could clone ourselves and acquire everything that we needed to do the new job she’d assigned by osmosis, since there was no other way to find the additional time and resources necessary to fulfill the promises she had made on our behalf.


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