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I’ll give you a donut if you bark!

I have only had my dog for about one week. But I love him already. I loved him the second I held him.  How can you not love a beautiful, gentle creature without a home? He is just so precious to me. And he is totally different from my previous dog. Complete opposites.  My Milo, was a true lap dog. Although, he was big for acting like a lap dog. He would sing with me  and was extremley pushy. Well, he was very vocal in making his needs understood.  My new dog, Winston, is gentle yet very active.  Loves being outside and jumping onto my chest and knocking me over even though he is only 20 pounds. Also, he is extremely quiet. And I am blessed to have had such diverse dog experiences.



When I say that he is extremely quiet, I truly mean he is quiet. He has been with us a little over a week and he has yet to bark. Not one single bark.   I am amazed and stunned by this. I used to love singing with my previous dog. We had such glorious duets. Well, to my ears and my ears only, I suppose. My new dog is different. I tried to coax him with a donut. Well, I wasn’t really going to give him a donut. But he doesn’t know that. I offfered him a donut if he would sing or even bark.  Yet, not a peep. He just kept looking at me with those cute sad eyes and then proceeded to jump all over the place trying to get me take him out to the yard.



Here’ s the thing about Winston. He may not bark or sing, but he sure loves to smell the roses. I’m going to take that as him having a sunny disposition. Every hour he wants to heard outside and sniff, jump, and run.


He loves going up to the flowers in our yard and sniffing them and even lying around them.  me, I’m allergic to a lot of things in life. Going to a botanical garden is similar to settting my lungs on fire.


This little guy truly loves it.  And, I love him for it. He’s his own dog with a loving temperament. I am quite a lucky girl.  I’ll just sing alone in the shower. I sounds quite fantastic there.



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  1. Oh my goodness! Please consider decorating his cone with flowers, or with BIG petals, so that he looks like he is popping out of a blooming rose (or sunflower;)….
    por faaaaa……………


  2. Pets are like children. I actually refer to them as four legged children. With both, it takes time for their personalities to emerge. I’m sure you didn’t push your son when he first came to live with you, so don’t push your pup! OK? PS Have you hired someone to mow your lawn? Will your son do that? (I know, he’s too young!) Either way, get it done! Maybe you’ll find out more about Winston’s personality when he has an opportunity to play in shorter grass?


  3. Many years ago I had two dogs from the same litter. One dog would eventually bark on command (“Speak!”) His brother never barked– ever– in his 13 years. Occasionally, whenever we’d motion towards him in a playful manner, he would let out a howl. Sure miss that dog.


  4. I once had a dog that we found as a stray and we thought he couldn’t bark. Small dog, who ever heard of one that wasn’t a yapper? Well…two years went by, not a peep. Then one day, he must have been particularly hungry and one of my cats got too close to his food bowl during dinner time. We heard one low, almost a baritone, “woof”. This was hilarious to us given he was a Shitz Zu. Awesome dog.


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