Lackluster, lukewarm, and late

I am going to be honest with you. I actually don’t remember what this post is supposed to be about. Four days ago I wrote down these three words: lackluster, lukewarm, and late. I write notes to myself all the time. I have a chapter ideas. I have the lyrics for songs. I have travel plans. I like to write notes to myself. I once searched my house for a full day desperately looking for a yellow piece of paper. I had written, what I believed was, a brilliant book outline.  This was four years ago. I just recently found that piece of paper, during my latest house move, in a random box. I have since misplaced it. I have most definitely gone off on a long tangent as I try to figure out what was on my mind four days ago.

What was on mind at the beginning of the week? Most certainly Puerto Rico was on my mind; deeply embedded in my nerves. Most certainly the response to the hurricane has been lackluster, lukewarm and late.  My sister took this photo of the neighboring town.

It’s been a horrific situation. It’s been a heartbreaking situation. But there is resiliency.
At the beginning of the week, I had also been considering some of the services I had recently received. I tried out a new restaurant through an online delivery service. And sadly, the food was lackluster, lukewarm and late. The same three words applied to plumbing services I had to also receive. Is it too much to ask for anything to arrive upon the agreed-upon time?
Early on in the week, I also was engaged in a reflection process whereby I was expecting avery long-awaited apology. Sadly, that too was lackluster, lukewarm, and late. Actually, it may not even have happened.
At least I have an awesome new dog who is the complete opposite of being lackluster, lukewarm, and late. He is vibrant, warm hearted and always ready for a hug.


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