Oh wacky day: What’s up now?

I avoid television newscasts like the plague. Or at least I try to do so.   I’m not perfect and occasionally, I catch a news segment or two. And then, I hit myself in the head for having done so. I know better.   It’s all the same old, same old. And the so-called “Breaking News” is not really breaking after ten hours of the same coverage.   I like to read a lot of news websites instead. Of course, many of those are just as crazy as the broadcast and cable television ones  but I can certainly avoid the screaming matches that attempt to pass for insightful political commentary nowadays.
One of the great things about reading news sites, is that I get to occasionally read something odd that makes me laugh or wonder further about the state of the world (but in a wacky way).
Here, I share some of those tidbits. Go ahead and catch up on some of the other things going on in the world.

  1. I don’t like Chuck E. Cheese but apparently it’s good for something.  I avoid that germ-fest like I try to avoid New York City rats; who by the way have been shown to be carrying the bubonic plague.   However, there is one good thing about Chuck E Cheese. One can try to use those tokens to pay for library fines. Well, you really shouldn’t. But some crazed out parents appear to have found others uses for those tokens that drive many parents to fight.

2. For baseball fans there is now chewable coffee. I don’t know why I think chewable coffee is a great baseball thing but I do. Anyway, if you like chewing gum and love coffee, there is a new product with which to have fun. Try it.  How bad can it be?


3. How about a new B-52s song?  I love the song Rock Lobster depsite hating Lobsters. Well, I don’t hate the creatures. Although, I admit they creep me out. I just am deathly allergic to them and must stay away as far as possible.   Off the coast of Maine, they found an iridescent Lobster.   As if they didn’t already creep me out enough.  Would you try that for dinner? I would stick with the chewing coffee.


4. Dog’s rule.   Hurricane Harvey has been a devasting force of nature.   Many stories of herosim and heartbreak. One cute yet sad story was of the dog that found himself a bag of food. Smart dog! But I surely hope he finds his home.


5. Really? It ain’t all that.  Starbucks baristas form ‘support group’ in preparation for Pumpkin Spice Latte season. This seems completely silly and disproportionate to me. I am looking forward to having three or four of those drinks soon, though.


6. Not thrilled but have come to appreciate.   I love eating out and always look foward to going to some cool, inspired eateries. These two new ones, I am left wondering if they would be worth a trip out. First off, there is now an all-avocado restaurant. Of course, it’s in Brooklyn.   The other, is a Cheetos-inspired restaurant.   Yes, it too is located in New York. Where else?  I must say I am intrigued by the Mac ‘N Cheese Cheetos dish. I would be willing to give it a try.   But if it’s not good, can I send it back?


7. Crime, even on Craiglist, still doesn’t pay. I love wacky crime stories. Who doesn’t? It’s why Law and Order did so well on television.   A man was recently arrested after he allegedly posed as wife on Craigslist in attempt to frame her for murder. Quite ingenous. Well, not really since he got caught.


8. Bears can be the cutest!  Somehow a bear family decided to pose and make funny faces for the camera. Not so wacky but is just a feel good story.  Who doesn’t like one of those?

I welcome your thoughts

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