A day of reckoning 

Your insecurities shouldn’t dull my shine

Your rooted nature shouldn’t blunt my speedforce

Your unearned arrogance shouldn’t quiet my gifts

Your loud, boorish nature shouldn’t eclipse my refined soul

Your outdated views, shouldn’t overwhelm my nuanced perspective 
And I am here to tell you that they won’t 

I will stand in my space 

I will define my success

I will be ruled by mind

I’m no one’s ragdoll

I’m no one’s pushover

I’m no one’s girl but my own
I will run this day

And you will go away

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  1. Your post tells me that someone hurt you I hope it is not the case, and it is just a paragraph of strengh.
    No one should, or should I say, we should never allow negativity in our lives! Brush it of, turn the page, and go forward. You , We are, should be the ones who know were we are heading and we’re we are going. Never let anyone judge you or bring you down. Wishing you a great day!


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