Las Vegas is not just a hedonistic adult playground: Children can have a blast

I have been to Vegas numerous times in the past few decades. I must admit that I have a bit of PTSD when it comes to Vegas in that my last trip there, which was a business trip, my flight back home ended horribly. There was extreme turbulence in the air wherein the pilot tried to land about four different times and just couldn’t. People were crying, flight attendants were throwing up, and everyone was generally scared. We eventually landed in a different state from which we were headed to. It was a harrowing experience. Sadly, I had a fabulous Las Vegas trip before that flight. I had done it all from visiting the Hoover Dam, to a helicopter flight over lake Mead, to even a Celine Dion concert. And that was a business trip.  I know how to pack a lot into a trip.

Now, I came back to Vegas with kid in tow. Actually, more than a kid in tow. It was his birthday. With all my work and life craziness, I could only do a very quick trip for his birthday. And let me tell you Vegas is not just for adults anymore. I mean, it still most decidedly is a playground for adults who want to forget it all. If you are trying to live out scenes from The Hangover, you most assuredly can. But, there is also a great number of things one can do with kids in Las Vegas.


When I told people I was taking my son to Vegas for his birthday some people gave me an odd look or two.  But I didn’t allow myself to be mommy-shamed.   First off, the second we drove into Vegas, which was at night, my son exclaimed “wow, I have no words“. It was a most awesome sight for a nine year old boy. Then as we drove through the strip he just kept noting how big and brightly lit everything was. When we finally made it to our room, he immediately noted the orange scented aromatherapy. He thought it smelled really good. The bed was fabulously comfortable. I had booked us at a Stay Well room at the Mirage.  Wth all that available in our room, we all slept well that night.


Then during the morning of his birthday, he noted excitedly how the hotel just had everything possible. Indeed. At the breakfast restaurant, they made him toast just the way he likes it. Then, we hit the pool.  It didn’t have a lazy river, but it was fairly big. No area of the pool was taller than 3 1/2 feet. He had a blast for several hours in the pool feeling like a big boy.  Afterwards, we did some silly Marvel Agents adventure. I was bored by it, I must admit. However, my son loved it as we all tried to fight Ultron at the end of the adventure.   But my son was not the only only who loved it. There was some adult guy there that just needed to take a photo of all the Iron Man suits. This grown man was enthralled. There is something here for everyone. We made our way to Circus Circus for the arcade. Oh my, was that a money sucking operation but my son loved it. He won a giant Pikachu within seconds of entering the arcade.  After playing random games, we then headed to laser tag!  My son loved laser tag to no end. And I, was really good. I had execellent aim and high scores as a result. I didn’t know I was so good at targeting things. Go figure.



At the end of it all, my son told me that I was a cool mom. And that I will always be a cool mom. How cool is that? A few weeks ago he noted that I am weird. This week I am cool I suppose Vegas got me some street cred with my son.   Let’s see if I remain cool next week. Oh, to dream.

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  1. Low the gun! I have been there it was a Mother’s Day gift from me to my mom. May she rest in peace. My girlfriend and I took our moms, to vegas in the summer of 2010. My mother a huge fan of gambling! I can say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. So just to say my girlfriend and her mom not so much! Okay not at all! But that did not make for any worries. Her mom loved it! So many attractions, like you said. One day I plan to go back in memory of my mom.


  2. LV has also been a good family stop for us in the past as it was just about half way between home in So Cal and “Grandma and Grandpa in the Desert” (So. ID) when our kids were little. We usually stayed at Circus Circus for the big top attractions and other kid friendly experiences, like the arcade as you described. One of my favorite photos shows my two girls after they got their faces painted when we were there for a Hanukkah stopover with my parents (who lived near us but loved Vegas getaways with-or without- their “jewels”, as Mom called her granddaughters then) on the way to a Xmas stay with my in-laws. Later on, though, the town got too crowded for just my spouse and me, so we moved our weekend gambling getaway location to Laughlin, which is also a good kid-friendly place, but on a smaller scale and with more outdoor activities.


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