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The north remembers: Motivating myself to not yell at someone

A piece of advice that I like to pass on to all my staff and team members, is to walk away. Specifically, to not answer crazy emails with angry words or even crazier statements. When you get an email that just infuriates you, my advice is for you to just walk away. If you can’t walk away, then write out your response and save it. Do not send that response. Nine times out of 10 you’re always going to end up deleting that email and not sending it out. That is the best thing to do just to walk away. However, sometimes a crazy email just deserves a crazy response. And, sometimes a nasty person deserves an equally reflective response.

I was recently reminded of that by my favorite Game of Thrones character. That being Arya Stark. You can’t help but wish her well on her revenge journey. Of course, you want to tell your  children to turn the other cheek. But when there’s a “red wedding” sometimes a revenge list is warranted. While, I try to often move on and not let things get to me, I do keep my own list.

Right now, there is someone high on my list as she is generally a non-trustworthy, evil, backstabbing person. However, non of that really irks me. What really bothers me is her fake being. She pretends to care about people but is just putting on a show. Furthermore, she is everything wrong with my universe right now. I’m sure she didn’t mean to symbolize all my sorrows and worries but she just encapsulates everything that would make me want to leave. 

Here’s the thing. I’m angry at myself for giving her such power over me. I can’t let that happen. None of us should allow others to have such a negative force over oneself. I need to excise her from my everyday realm. Admittedly, I would like nothing more than to pass her a note at a meeting that says the “north remembers” and just smile wickedly at her. Or any other annoying creature for that matter. 

I would also be happy to place her and a few others in a storefront I recently passed, by the name of bad people.  How cool would it be if we could give a few bad people a time out in an aptly named location.  I’ll soon be back to my somewhat cheery, sunny disposition but a moment to day dream of quieting the idiots gives me a second of satisfaction. We all need that second every once in a while. 

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  1. i’d say chances of that e-mail being sent is 50 50. I’d rather pick up a book and recite all those names in my head until that book catches my attention enough that i no longer care to give that well deserved response.


  2. I’ve been in this situation many times to my own misfortune. I’m currently a supervisor and have evolved to this monster who “holds her tongue” for the sake of being a leader and setting an example. But once upon a time, a chain of inappropriate emails led to a near physical altercation. Luckily, that bitch lost her job but it was pointed out, that I should have never let it get to that point. I was younger and I’ve learned to be the bigger person. For the most part lol. And ARYA IS LIFE!!!!! She’s my hero!!!

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  3. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, but I get your drift……

    I’m the sort of person who might retaliate with a sarcastic email, but as I’ve got older, I think I must be getting more sensible!


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