Tinkering with words: Moist beautiful bananas 

As we know, words these days have either lost their meaning or become hyper-meaningful. Wait! Does that even make sense? I mean, we have new words being added to the dictionary everyday, it seems. Words, that were considered to be wrong or didn’t exist merely a year back. Back in February of 2017, over 1000 new words were added by Merriam Webster.   The newbies included the words, ginger; humblebrag; binge-watch, and my favorite elderflower. (Oh so yummy)


Then there are the words that are constantly used incorrectly such as irregardless, literally and ironic.  I myself have made up my own word that I use in everyday conversations and so far only one person has called me out on it. Its my word and I’m keeping it.  I didn’t even know why dictionaries exist anymore.  Are they even sold at stores anymore?


Anyway, while taking a nice hot bath, in between reading emails, I came across an article that noted there are certain words that are severely and commonly misspelled in each state. I was intrigued. Why would people from a certain state have trouble with a common set of words? I suppose school systems or job industries play a role.
I’m a New Yorker living in California. Thus, I had to check the list for both states. According to Google (the company that knows everything about us) those in New York and those in California tend to misspell the same word: beautiful. Doesn’t seem that hard to me. But why would this word vex the coasters? Both are beautiful in their own way and tend to have very beautiful residents. Not that I’m biased in any way.  Because I’m a New Yorker I had to see what was New Jersey’s word.  It was twelve. I’ve got jokes I could insert here but I’ll just keep them to myself and have a chuckle.
Laughingly enough, the most common misspelled word in Wisconsin was Wisconsin. At least they have lots of cheese.
There are many also that confused bananas with bannanas. Particularly those in New Mexico. Could this be because of what allegedly happened in Roswell?
Now, these examples above were funny. Maybe. Try this, however. Did you know there are certain words thst cause huge discomfort and aversion in us? Why yes, there is such a thing and lucky for us there are researchers who look into this type of phenomenon.

Apparently, we have a severe aversion to the word “moist”.  I, myself, don’t get it.  I don’t mind humidity (although my hair does). I like moist foods, i.e. dulce de leche and rum-soaked bread pudding.   The mind of us humans can be quite mysterious.
Well, with that I leave you with this tidbit. I’m about to have moist beautiful bananas for breakfast.  Yum (for me).


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  1. What I am seeing is people putting words together in an attempt to try and make the original word have a better meaning, possibly even convince themselves they are better than others which sadly they ain’t. I tend to look at, saying to myself we all and I mean all have blood running through our veins which in my probably naive eyes makes everyone the same, no better or no worse than each other. The more straightforward the better.


  2. I’m very bad at spelling and grammar , being from Scotland I also tend to write things really informally , like saying “aye” walked to the shops instead of “I”because it’s how I speak. Or using text language like tbh instead of writing the actual words which I’m sure our whole generation is guilty of as we’re all lazy. Double letters in words always get me as well. The English language is too complicated for me, perhaps one day I’ll understand it…..


  3. I’ve always been a lover of words. The possibilities are endless once you start fiddling with them. A slight manipulation of context can either wreak havoc, or stimulate peace. I mean the power of words is just…. I can’t find the words (ha!). Such a nice post. Thank you!


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