Not a runaway bride: Hopefully this house will stick

I recently watched the movie Runaway Bride with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. I thought it was a horrible film since I could barely stay awake through it. In all fairness, I did watch the movie at midnight after a long day at work. But then again, I watch most of my movies at night after a long day of work.  I should have stuck with a Tom Cruise film. Regardless, of my thoughts on Runaway Bride, I did watch it and know that there are such people as runaway brides in real life. Cold feet can certainly happen to anyine. These days, with social media, the feeling of cold feet can be intensified when a vast world is readily available.

As I was watching the movie The Runaway Bride, I wondered if I was a certain version of it when it came to houses. About six weeks ago or so I had gone into Escrow in a home after months and months of house hunting. I thought I was excited about finally finding a house out west. Then I started to get a bit of cold feet. Perhaps it was more of a gut reaction. A feeling that something wasn’t quite right. Then, lo and behold, there was something wrong. I then walked away. I felt deflated, defeated, and slightly depressed. Although, I did also feel that what I had done was right. One should never be afraid to walk away.

Then I went right back out into the house “field” .  In one weekend we saw about 12 houses. We fell in love with one of them. A sense of elation came over me. It’s an old house that will need some upgrading. However, this one feels right. Now I have to make sure that I don’t get cold feet just because it’s easy to get cold feet during a real estate transaction. I know that’s for the house that we bought in New York, we definitely got a case of the cold feet but couldn’t walk away. That New York house was where my son spent the first few years of his life. Now, hopefully, this house in LA will see us bringing a new dog and see us through the next few years.

I have to know that it is for the next few years, as I have lived in 17 cities and cannot discount any particular future move.  This past week we went to the Broad, a contemporary art museum in downtown Los Angeles. We came across a huge dining table art piece and chuckled thinking about such furniture in our new house.  A kid would feel at home with such a giant landmark.  Oh, to have an Alice in Wonderland feel. 

Although such a table would give my son the giggles. He would have a blast if we were to get recliners.

He keeps begging for recliner chairs and jumping on each one he can find at a furniture store. I keep telling him that there is no way we will buy one. I would almost give my son our credit card and tell him to buy furniture for the new house so I could see his design sense. But, I don’t think I care to live in a house for five years that is furnished by an eight year old. Maybe that will keep me grounded in LA longer. 

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