Why I still like Tom Cruise

The title of this bit is actually a little off. It’s not like I liked Tom Cruise from the outset and then stopped. Nor is it that I “still like” him in comparison to others. Seems he is still doing well enough. Nor has he done anything nutty social-media wise for which he has apologized. He’s been rather unremarkable lately and that’s ok. I was recently told that being unremarkable, in legal terms, is a good thing. Sure. I think we would all like to be considered remarkable. But if that puts us at legal risk, then let that remarkable nature slip away. 
But back to Tom Cruise. 

He has been unremarkable. No Oscar worthy performances as of late. But just a steady slew of action hero bits.  And that works just fine for me.  Furthermore, I don’t find him attractive. Unlike his ex-wife I never put a Tom Cruise poster on my wall. And that’s fine as well.

Here’s the thing. I cannot remember the last time I watched a Tom Cruise movie in the theatre. I actually can’t remember ever watching any of his films in the movie theatre.  Not a single one. But that’s ok. I love  (maybe that’s too strong of a word) watching Tom Cruise movies at midnight and on the plane. His movies keep my mind from ruminating and worrying.  His movies engage one, or at least me. I get wrapped up in the action scenes and stay awake. That’s more than I can say about the majority of movies I watch these days. What I also like about his movies is that I don’t cry while watching them. 

Why do I still like Tom Cruise?  Why not? His movies help me deal with insomnia bouts and flight scares.  Not many actors do that for me.

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  1. I only ever liked Top Gun. I never fancied him tho. All that Scientology cult twaddle he intensely promotes. And kisses David Miscaviage’s ass. Urgh.


  2. For an individual who has basically an unimpressive physical form, he has a spirit that transcends his physical makeup. He brings out the desire in all of us to exceed in life.


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