I don’t naturally have purple hair, but I am going blonde


I am a brunette with curly hair. Not everyone knows that or has known that. For more than five years, I have straightened out my hair. I utilized Japanese straightening process which really straightened my fierce curls.  Thus, for a while not many realized I am a curly-haired girl.  And a major curly-haired girl I am.  Then there have been times throughout the years when I dyed my hair purple as I was trying to be a rebel amongst rebels.  I’m joking. Most knew that purple wasn’t my real hair color. Those individuals that didn’t know purple was my fake hair color probably also believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows.   Apparently, 7% of Americans (not children) believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.  Fabulous!  I’m kicking myself for never having had thought that. Where was my imagination all this time? I just watched Bill Maher’s segment on this very finding joking that condensed milk comes from constipated cows. Ah, but I digress. Or have I?


The past few months, I have stopped straightening my hair. The curls are back in a big way.   But me being me, I can’t do just one change at a time. While my curls are back they are now coming in a new tone. I have been dying my hair blonde bit by bit every four weeks.  I have a monthly board meeting and thus I have been timing my hair coloring according to that schedule. I figure if I have to attend this monthly meeting, I might as well really jazz up my appearance just for the fun of it.   Thus, I have slowly morphed into a new look that people have finally started to notice.


I must admit that my incremental change has been fun as I note how others take it in. The double takes have been fun to make fun of.  Perhaps there is truth to the belief that blondes have more fun. I’m not a true blonde so I will have to figure out how I can test that concept.


What’s my point to all this? You got to keep having fun throughout your lifespan and keeping refreshing yourself. I think of it as the Oscars or Grammys. Often for award shows the host or hostess will have several wardrobe changes throughout the telecast. Last year, model Gigi Hadid switched her outfit six times during the American Music Awards and each look was completely different.  She looked extremely happy playing dress up and keeping the audience guessing. We should all be like those hosts and change things up every once in a while or frequently. Why not?   We can have fun with our appearance, own it and keep everyone guessing as to what will bring next to the table.


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  1. I love your writing! It’s so refreshing to change things up a bit since I do the same with my glasses (I tend to break them a lot)!

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  2.     Once again, I’m shocked. Recently, it’s become the style to show your dark roots. So now I see that nobody is blond. Women, at least in media, used to diligently touch up their roots so that they always looked like natural blonds. Now I see that nobody is blond, not even Swedish people: I saw some government officials with dark hair.
        I was born blond. I thought it was a badge of honor. By the time I was 10 it started to get darker. I asked, “When people ask what my hair color is, what do I say. I was told to say that I was “dirty blond.” At the time I didn’t know how ridiculous that sounds. By the time I was a teenager it was brown. But my parents told me it was blond. So when I was asked the question, “Hair color?” I said blond. Now my hair is gone mostly. What little is left is grey or is it the more acceptable white. I don’t know. It’s the style to go bald. Maybe I should do that. Or maybe I should get a purple wig, or a publicist, or a purple beard. I’m going to be a pirate and call myself Bluebeard. Well, the hair on my neck is very curly like Mozart or something but I’m not musical so I suppose I should sing or swim.
        I still can’t believe how it is a law that all women must be blond, or show the reason why not. I can’t remember when Congress or the UN passed such a law.

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