Amazon bought Whole Foods for 13.4 billion, while my $5 dress was a hit


Ok. We have all heard the joke that Whole Foods is really “whole paycheck”.   I get it. I don’t find that their food is all that tasty or worth all that they charge. I really don’t like kale. Laughingly, there is supposedly a significant demographic overlap between Whole Foods shoppers and Amazon Prime members.  I’m not too sure about that.  Everyone I know shops online at  Amazon. Yet, hardly anyone I know is a die-hard Whole Foods shopper.  I order from Amazon, every week. I order totally random stuff as well. On tuesday, I ordered four books for my son. The next day I ordered Dreft laundry detergent and some mascara. Anyway, there were tons of really good jokes on twitter about Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, i.e. the 13.4 billion will get them two bags of kale. To each his or her own.


I laugh at this high fancy prices and purchases because I am still a thrift shop girl at heart. While I was in Solvang a month ago, I stumbled upon the best little consignment store where I purchased an awesome, funky coat that breaks off in half.   Sort of like what all the fashion models are currently wearing, as per In Touch Magazine. However, my coat was only $30 as opposed to the $500 price tag of those fancier versions. But back to the matter at hand.


I live right near a Whole Foods. A block away, actually. I also live near the garment/fabric district in downtown Los Angeles. I had yet to shop there until last week.  As I will be leaving downtown Los Angeles by the end of the summer, I have been trying to do as many things as possible as so as to fully enjoy downtown living.   Thus, I walked up and down the street filled with fabric stores and stores filled with random dresses and suits. One caught my eye as there was a vibrant green dress on sale for $5. I normally do not wear green dresses. I love purple, pink and red dresses.  Green not so much. However, this green dress was going to be perfect for a particular event that I had to host.


The event night came and I got to parade around in a bright green dress with fancy gold shoes. My dress matched the colors of the building and the logo of the organization I was able to create a sense of belonging and cheeriness and comfort. I looked and acted the part of a hostess. I have to admit that part of my cheeriness was that I had paid so little for the dress yet it looked amazing. What an awesome feeling to be able to purchase something at such a discount and to walk around in a grand sense of flare.   I don’t know if Amazon will find that Whole Foods is the equivalent of my $5 dress or they will find it to be like a Jaguar that constantly breaks down.  I am curious to see how this whole Amazon/Whole Foods deal works out.   I don’t believe I will starts ordering $20 kale online.  But this might prove to be entertaining.

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  1. I love that shade of green! I wonder how the Amazon/ Whole Foods thing will pan out, too. I’m a big Amazon shopper and even have them deliver my groceries through Amazon Fresh–it’s not much more than shopping myself and definitely more choices than in my area.


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