Catching the closing credits of Wonder Woman

I remember many years and moons ago, there was great buzz about the closing credits of a movie. That movie, Ferris Buellers Day Off is now a classic. He did what movies are not supposed to do. It acknowledged the audience. It spoke directly to the audience. Ferris Bueller also was random, subversive and constantly on a tangent. I loved that movie and still do. But I digress. I didn’t see Ferris Bueller in the movie theatre. However, I know that it changed the way people watched movies in the theatre. When a movie ends, we may wonder did it really end? Should we stay all the way through the closing credits?  All the superhero movies these days have “surprise” scenes once the closing credits start rolling. Guardians of the Galaxy had five added scenes. That’s just crazy.

For the most part, people don’t like having to sit through all the way to the end of a day-long meeting, conference or meeting. In Los Angeles people use the excuse that they need to leave before traffic gets bad. But everyone thinks the same thing and thus traffic is always bad in LA. I have no idea how people think about engaging in a car race or car chase considering there must is no room on the streets. But again, I have digressed. Let’s get back to movies.
I don’t watch many movies in the theatre anymore. Not many people do. I bought three 4D tickets for Wonder Woman and it cost $76. I could have possibly bought two dresses and a pair of shoes at Ross for that amount.  Nowadays, considering such high costs, when I do go to see a movie I want to maximize the experience. Thus, I carefully consider staying through to the end of the closing credits.  Will there be a surprise during the credits?

I paid a lot to watch Wonder Woman as noted above. And, I think it was worth it overall as it was a really good superhero movie. There was character development, humor, heart and fierceness. It was surprisingly good. Most superhero movies these days range from bad to ok. Being good is a whole other level we often don’t get to see.  Thus, when Wonder Woman ended I was satisfied and on a hyper-frenetic, good mood. Surprisingly to me, people around us immediately got up when the movie ended. A few stayed behind like us.

I wanted the good feeling to continue and thought that maybe there would be a surprise. Maybe an added scene with Steve would appear. Maybe a future fight scene. We had already been treated at the beginning of the movie (well during the trailers) to scenes of the upcoming Justice League. The closing credits rolled in and the music pumped in loudly. I really liked the musical scores or accompaniments to the fight scenes.

Despite there being no additional scenes, I stayed through the closing credits. It’s like lingering after a really good meal. The movie theatre should have been serving port right after. They could gave even sprayed that at us as it was a 4D movie. That would have been the perfect ending.
Alas, Wonder Woman was still very good and cool. May she will stay that way.

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  1. Great to catch up again, Mimi. I’ve been a bit caught up and haven’t been getting to my reader all that much. However, it’s been raining all week and it’s Winter here and so I’m having a quite note reading blogs and half watching the Aussie Rules Football with my husband.
    Have you been watching the coverage of the London attacks? I have been intrigued listening to comments by politicians and the media. Initially, I noticed a real stance of “Keep Calm and carry on”, which actually quite annoyed me. For families who’ve lost a loved one, it’s a life-changing tragedy. I also noticed that their tune changed after a few days, as though their PR people had reacted.
    I have been thinking that people can’t just let bad news be bad news. They have to put some kind of positive spin on it. Any thoughts? I’ve been looking for someone who’d appreciate the psychological aspects.
    xx Rowena


    • Hi Rowena. So nice to hear from you. Hope you’ve been well.
      I have gone on a need diet of sorts as there is just too much commentary these days. But it makes sense that people try to find a silver lining or try to find comfort in small acts that show life moves on. Many don’t want to be caught up in a negative tailspin.
      It’s horrible what happened. I can’t imagine anyone thinking that targeting children is a great act to do. But sadly…

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      • Hi Mimi,
        I know what you mean about a need diet. My brother refuses to watch the news anymore. I think it was you who was heading to the World AIDS Conference when flight MH17 crashed in the Ukraine. I ended up getting sunflower seeds from the Ukraine and growing them and ended up writing about other terrorist attacks. I was also contacted by a cousin of the Malaysian pilot who had lost her seeds and I sent her some of mine. After that, I backed off a lot but I started following things a bit in London after I heard two young Australians had been killed. Last night, a current affairs show called Sunday Night featured 3 stories of survival, which is their usual sort of topic. There was the Australian girl who’d survived the London attacks but was stabbed, and a story of an Australian Mum and grandmother who drove off the side of the road and had a serious car accident and sustained life-threatening injuries but when she called 000, she didn’t know where she was and it took them 12 hours to find her. The London survivor has said she’s staying in London and she and her partner are going to keep working in the same restaurant and not let the terrorists win. On the other hand, the grandmother wasn’t driving and her kids were now during the long country drives to see her instead. The show didn’t make any interpretation about the two different reactions and just left the survivors to speak for themselves. I am quite averse to overseas travel at the moment. I haven’t been able to go overseas since we were married 16 years ago and I see no need to break the drought now. I can wait. I think it’s different if you are a frequent traveller or if you live in these risky places. My daughter ended up walking into a pole the other day and broke her glasses and needed four stitches. This has intrigued me as she is a very good dancer and she manages to avoid the two pole in the dance studio. So, weird stuff happens and you can’t live in bubble wrap. Or, can you?
        I know what you mean about getting caught in a negative tailspin and for many, it’s very hard to get out of that. When I was younger, I found it hard to switch off from these terrible events. However, writing about it on my blog and trying to speak out against these acts has been empowering, even if only a handful of people ever read what I say. I very strongly believe in the power of individuals when we come together. I know that contradicts what I wrote earlier about avoiding trouble but these situations aren’t clear cut. I am more willing to throw myself into a challenging head space than a physical one perhaps. It would make an interesting discussion topic.


  2. Marvel does the extra scenes in the closing. I’m not sure DC ever has … somehow my oldest figures out ahead of time if there will be extra scenes so we know when to stay and when to go.

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  3. I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but I now plan to. I’m with you about staying until the credits are done. Maybe it’s the high price of the movie, the way I feel immune to outside stress when I’m in the theater, or a feeling that I owe it to those who worked on the movie. Probably all three! 🙂


    • I like all three of your reasons. They each make sense to me 🙂 I sometimes look to see if I recognize someone in the credits. One day I saw the name of a high school acquaintance. I was happy to see the name. 🙂

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  4. When I see all those credits after a movie like Wonder Woman– with all its special effects and incredible scenes– I realize even more why so many movies are so expensive to make (never mind just the main actors– some of whom are pulling in 7 figures or more) and why ticket prices keep rising. Nevertheless, despite the lengthy list of credits, one positive side is that even the least known contributor gets his or her name on the big screen. And also sometimes the closing soundtrack is well worth listening to.


    • Definitely very lenghty list of credits. I do look to see if I know anyone. Not that I really expect to 🙂 totally agree, the closing soundtrack could be quite cool at times.
      Have a great day!


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