I’m craving an ice cream sandwich: Is there murder in the air? 

There is this research finding that psychologists often use in their statistics classes to showcase the problem with what is called a spurious correlation. I promise, by the way, this won’t be a wonky post. Occasionally, I must live up to my name.  So, do you know that when there is an increase in ice cream sales, there is also an increase in homicides? This is an old finding.  Surely, you’ve heard of this.  Does this mean that eating ice cream leads to people killing? No. Absolutely not. Although, certainly certain new ice cream flavors may be suspect, i.e. “Raw horse flesh”  What gives? It so happens that more people tend to eat ice cream in the summertime because it is hot outside and separately murder rates rise in warm weather. That’s a spurious correlation my friends. And I won’t go further into this.

I don’t really care for ice cream. I do like Breyers strawberry ice cream as it does taste fresh (their commercial may be onto something). But I’m lactose intolerant. I cannot stomach milk. I cannot stomach milkshakes. Ice cream, I can do a few spoons of. Thus, as an evolutionarily well-adjusted human, I don’t like ice cream. However, ….

I am craving an ice cream sandwich. I haven’t had one in years. My mom loved ice cream sandwiches.  She took extreme joy in eating them. It was considered a major treat at home to have that. And I miss her.  Hence, the ice cream sandwhich craving. I must note, I also hate cones and sprinkles and thus ice cream sandwiches make the most sense for me. I gag when I eat a sprinkle. Go figure. 

Although, the times that I have braved my lactose intolerance issue, I tended to eat ice cream sandwiches in the winter time.
I love to eat ice cream, when I brave it, in cold weather. Ice cream doesn’t melt and get your hands all sticky in the wintertime. A cold frozen sandwich tastes so good out in the cold. I know there are others out there that agree with me.

Because I’m craving an ice cream sandwich, following all that I’ve laid out above, it may signal that winter is coming. Get it? I mentioned this phrase at work last week and no one knew what I meant. I was devastated and sought out a mojito.  What is this world coming to if no one in a full room gets a Game of Thrones reference? Sad! Especially considering how despondent many individuals currently find themselves to be.  In that Game of Thrones vein, maybe one does crave ice cream when faced with idiocy and a number of people you’d like to shake some sense into. Maybe it actually keeps one from murdering someone. I’ve heard and read wackier theories.

Ice cream.  It may be just what the doctor ordered. For what? I don’t know. 

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  1. Word. It’s amazing how many people do not understand that correlation does not equal causation and who make spurious arguments based on the false premise that it does.

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  2. Yes, that’s definitely taking things out of context and not looking at the numerous other variables at play! Still, these sort of ‘findings’ and ‘interpretations’ do make me chuckle.
    I’m sorry you miss your mum and I can see why there’s a link there with the ice cream. I think you may have left a word out of one of the sentences and now I’m curious.. “I get when I eat a sprinkle.”
    Caz x

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  3. 2+2=4 or does it? Hehe. Simple math is much easier than connecting the dots of causation. Me? I just make stuff up because I have to know WHY at all costs. Even improbable unlikely whys.

    Sweet memories of your mom. I’m sorry you miss her.

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  4. “Post hoc, ergo propter hoc”, that is the formal name for the fallacy of causation. “With this, therefore because of this.” I think it is the philosophical foundation for most public policy AND most personal relationships. Heavy sigh!

    Have you tried lactase pills? They help me. I also drink lactose free milk. I don’t seem to have much problem with cheese and Ice cream is so good I’ll swallow a bunch of lactase and hope for the best.


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