A dyslexic heart and set of intentions

I’m quite ambivalent as to whether songs of the ’90s rise to the level of being worthy of a special club night. I get the 80s dances. They are silly and at times bordering on the stupid. Take the “Safety Dance“, for instance. I get the 70s. No one sits through a Gloria Gaynor song. We all know when it’s time to belt out “I Will Survive.” The ’90s? Well, I suppose you can go from “Smells like Teen Spirit” to “Hit Me Baby one More Time“.

Anyway, I’m not here to wax philosophical about ’90s music. I’m ambivalent and ok with that. I did have a ’90s earworm this weekend that helped me realize I need to integrate several life paths and wishes into one journey, for now.  That earworm was “Dyslexic Heart“.  It is a silly song and doesn’t really fit in within my life. It notes

You keep swayin’… what are you sayin’?
Thinking ’bout stayin’?
Or are you just playing, making passes
Well, my heart could use some glasses

How I do relate to the song is that I feel that I am swayin. Thinking about stayin but maybe not.  I can go to the left. I can go to the right. This weekend, I was considering two diametrically opposed options  and I was wondering how could I go forward on both paths. I have been faced with certain barriers and stoppages to my path.


While I have options that can take me to different locations and life stations, I could possibly soar on either one.  I know that it all sounds cryptic. But have you ever been faced with two very different life paths that would take you on routes very far from each other. I tried to keep my diametrically opposed options isolated from one another so that I could go forward with both. As such I feel like I have a dyslexic heart and set of intentions.


I don’t want to go crazy with over thinking. After sitting on the beach for a while, I came to a conclusion. I honestly feel I can go forward with considering both options and letting fate decide where I end up. I am not too sure that would be a bad thing to do. Sometimes we over think our options. Probably why we are all so anxious these days.   We tend to mull things over and over and over.  I am open to exploring many more paths to come. Hopefully, my paths of consideration will not always be such different ones but I will let things come to be and I won’t ruminate myself into any sleepless nights.

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  1. A good rule of thumb for me has been, “I don’t know means no for now.” It’s always good to wait until we know more. An erroneous no is often corrected more easily than an erroneous yes. Of course, I always have been on the cautious side…

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  2. I was also going to offer the clone option! Anyway, don’t overextend yourself in order to follow both paths. Believe it or not, time and energy both can be limited.


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