Pet peeves: How many is too many?

I have found, by being a manager and a parent, that many people out there have many pet peeves. Myself included.  These days we all find something, at least one thing if not ten, especially annoying. I think there can be a pet peeve for every situation and every day there is.  Think about it for a second. Monday pet peeves are rampant. Friday pet peeves even more so. Want an example? How about having a pet peeve about meetinsg that are scheduled for a Friday afternoon? Or worse friday at 4pm? Is that not the worse and especially annoying? What about those that come in all chipper on a Monday morning when all you want to do is wallow in your black coffee?  I never drink black coffee, but that is neither here nor there. For me, in particular, I have a major pet peeve regarding people that are always late. Its as if people don’t have regard for your time. I like meetings to start on time. Yet every Wednesday I am tested on this.  I am starting to just go ahead and get meetings started and those not there, are not there.  My need for punctuality will become someone else’s pet peeve. And so the world goes round and round.  Another silly (actually not silly) work pet peeve is when people get my name wrong. This happens, inexplicably way more times, than you can imagine. Its not like my name is in the bible or anything? Oh wait. It is. What irks me even more is that the HR person gets my name wrong. How can HR get my name wrong? How about this? How can HR get my name wrong especially considering that I am the boss? That is just not healthy for that person. I would say it is rather maladaptive. Makes me wonder if that is some passive aggressive behavior trying to make a point. Which leds me to my next peeve. I get totally peeved out by passive aggressive people. Just say it and mean it! I am a New Yorker, I won’t necessaily sugar coat. But note, just because I am a New Yorker doesn’t mean I am aggressive. Another one of my pet peeves. People who rely on stereotypes. Just because I am a New Yorker doesn’t mean you get to lable my behavior as aggresisve and thus discount. I am assertive and people need to learn to tell the difference between assertive and aggressive. Whew I am getting tired.  I wrote that all in one breath.
Now my next thought. Or actually my original question. Is there such a thing as too many pet peeves. If you have a minimum of 100 pet peeves are you just bitter? If you have 99, perhaps you are just discerning. I kid. I jest. I think.
Let’s see what gets my goat today and hopefully people will get my name right. Say my name ….

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  1. I dunno. I’ve reached a point where having pet peeves is healthy lol. I hear you on the name thing. My boss doesn’t know my name. I’ve worked for them 5 years….


  2. Ahahaha, I can take a shot at your name. I have changed mine to Zara for the talented Starbucks lot because my name is too big for them to handle. And I once lashed out at a famous cricketer who I was supposed to interview at X time because he was horribly late and he had not even bothered to inform me. His reason was prize-winningly lame – he had lost a charity match and he was upset.


  3. I don’t think it matters how many pet peeves you have, it’s more about where they come from and how you handle them. Things like being perpetually late, or an HR department unable to have enough respect for it’s employees are more than just pet peeves. It’s a respect thing. Really those things can all be rolled into one pet peeve–“I don’t like it when people disrespect others and myself”. That is perfectly rational. Now a pet peeve about a meeting at 4pm on Friday, that’s an annoyance, but you really need to look in the mirror and face it. Your work day is scheduled until 5, right? (or later…point is, the meeting is scheduled within work hours) Really there is nothing wrong with this. It’s an annoyance to you, but maybe you just need to step back and look at yourself. Tell yourself “I’m scheduled till 5 anyway, might as well be productive until then” or something to that effect. It’s easy to get caught up in little annoyances but it’s important for us to understand why we have them and be able to get rid of some of them, lest we go crazy from our own annoyance 😉


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