Thankfully vacation is coming soon cause I’m hangry

I get hangry? Do you? Do you know what it is to get hangry? It’s when you become a raving lunatic because you are hungry. I readily admit I’m not too chill when I’m hungry. And most certainly no one wants to cross me when I’m in need of sustenance. Now, let me explain a little more before you think I’m crazy. 
I can go hours without eating. As a matter of fact before any major event I tend to not eat. And I control my emotions beautifully. I get amped up and I go on pure excitement and adrenaline.I don’t need glucose when I’m about to put on a show (of sorts). 
So, when do I get hangry? When I’m surrounded by idiots who open their mouths. It may seem like I’m hangry right now but I am not. 
Actually, I don’t even get hangry when I haven’t eaten food. I get hangry at stupidity because I’m being deprived of intellectual or fair-minded nutrition. 
Did any if that make sense? If not, that’s ok. But I know some of you out there get me.
Thus, after a year and four months at my job, I need a vacation. And, thankfully it is here. You can say I’m hangry for am escape. A physical and psychological escape. 
I’m heading off to Hong Kong tonight where I look forward to delighting in good food and new cultural experiences. I hope to return rejuvenated, satieted and singing a tune for it is spring and I am a spring baby. 

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