But what if I leave the flat iron on?

I had quite a dilemma this week. I’m what is known as an extroverted introvert. I can function, even be gregarious, in groups but I hate large events. I was at a conference where my hotel was packed with participants from three different simultaneously held conferences. That was a lot of people. I hid, at times, in my room eating hummus and pita chips. Then I’d go face the world. 

I had to give a big speech this week and all I wanted to do the hour before was hide in a corner and listen to music. Yet, I had to interact with a lot of people and participate in a pre-event rally. Despite my desire for alone time being squashed, I still knocked the speech out of the park. I can connect with people, it’s that sometimes I’d prefer not to. 

Thus, it was with some curiosity and skepticism that I approached my second hotel. It is a boutique hotel with no front desk. Only four rooms per floor. You get a code to enter the building and a code for your room. Then you get a booklet in the room that explains everything  (i.e. how to turn on the tv, fireplace and shower) in great detail. It’s somewhat dummy proof. The place is meant to give hotel guests privacy. What a concept. 
I didn’t have to interact with anybody, if I didn’t want to. What a reprieve, especially after a hectic week elsewhere. I actually bumped into someone once in the gym and it was helpful as the machines all looked as if they were not working. It was  some weird energy saver thing. But otherwise I came and went as I pleased without having to be nice to anyone as I didn’t see anyone.

My brain got a chance to relax. Well, that is, until I started fretting as to whether I had turned off my flat iron. See, in a normal hotel, I assume I won’t burn down the place as there is housekeeping. At the boutique hotel, however, there was no housekeeping service in order to give you privacy. Thus, I worried for a bit as to what would happen if I had indeed left on the flat iron. 

My brain just can’t catch a break afterall. Going forward I might as well stay at a regular hotel and deal with the people as I’m afraid of burning down the house. That just wouldn’t look good on my resume or next job search. 

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  1. Oh I worry about things like that all the time. Did I turn the stove off, did I pull the door to so it latched, did I leave the water running, etc., etc. Did you leave the flat iron on, after all?


  2. The boutique hotel sounds lovely …if you can remember to turn everything off!

    In the end, had you turned it off? Or were you worrying over nothing? Maybe your brain just needed something to worry about now your conference speech was over!?


  3. Great job on the speech! I also like some alone time before a speech or presentation but sometimes it’s not always possible.
    I worry about burning down my apartment all the time. Before I leave the house I have to see it unplugged, and even then I might pop back in after I lock the door just to triple check, lol.


  4. Having to worry about something, when your alone is a great feeling. I feel it gives you send of independence. Makes you more responsible and sometimes staying alone and worrying about small things have the greatest pleasure.


  5. Being brought up in a world that a female is supposed to be reserved and shy actually gave me a bag to prove the odds… Always trying to get to be heard as per me everyone’s opinion on anything matters however while alone all I want is me time… Not being an unbeatable female in a community full of women empowerment for the sake of showing equality and not actually implementing equality.Situations make me deal with people though I prefer more of me time and silence or just being blank at the time.. Trying to uphold the I can make it attitude through condescending comments and even failure after trying for long. It’s straining but we have to deal even with people afterall


  6. Ha! I totally understand your fear. I always worry about if I turned the candles off, or the stove, or locked the door. But man, that feeling of privacy is also just delightful. I think I’d rather take the fear over the people any day! lol


  7. A day is never quite fulfilled without a degree of concern.
    I love the fact a flat iron can bring the house down literally whilst one is bringing the house down metaphorically.
    Where does the real power lie?


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